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[WAM] Exposure on Radio WarringtonWelcome to  [WAM] Exposure!

Produced and presented by local music fans, Mike Massey and Lee Harman from WArringtonMusic.co.uk, the show is all about getting great local music played on the airwaves. The show goes out Saturday’s on Radio Warrington and features news, interviews, exclusive acoustic sessions with special guests and a round up of the shows that are taking place on the next 7 days.

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[WAM] Exposure Week ?? Lockdown Episode 9

Another weekly dose of Local music from these guys below and also exciting news from WAM Exposure and Jessica Luise Music where we announced the re-opening of the studio with Jessica being our first guest back on the air post lockdown.

32 TENS – Happy

Hudsun – Run
The A.V Club – How I feel (Live and Acoustic for WAM Exposure)
Abi Rose Kelly – Polaroids and Violence
Carta inc Feat. Lee Egerton – Taste
SYFTA – Breathe
UNO MAS – Glass Houses
Urban Viking feat Alan Jacob – Rise
Black Pulp – Vapour
The Bid – Safety Plan/24 Hours (Live and Acoustic for WAM Exposure)
Havoc 51 – Bourbon Ramblings
The Zangwills – Sunlight At Midnight (Live and Acoustic for WAM Exposure)


[WAM] Exposure Week 49 Lockdown Episode 7

Lee’s turn this week to bring you some cracking new music from these local legends:

Evila – In My Element
Urban Viking ft Alan Jacob – Rise
Last Bee On Earth – Out Of Shadows
Jessica Luise – Better Place
Jordyn Leyland – To Take A Life
Liam Hillyer – This Town
Delphina Kings – Electric
Jack Woodward – Higher (lockdown version)
Sienne – To Love Somebody (Beegees cover)
Scratch – The New Smiths
Lucy Bell – Assume

Filthy Tricks – Leah (lockdown version)

Don’t forget to listen back to previous shows for more music and interviews

[WAM] Exposure Week 48 Lockdown Episode 6

We had some old, some new, nothing borrowed and due to broadcasting regulations definitely nothing blue … however these local legends were on board to keep you entertained this week.

The Winachi Tribe – Transition
Polker – Falls Like Lightning
The Zangwills – Inside my Head (Jake Vickers, Acoustic)
Pacific – Last Life
The Racket – No Shine From The Sun
Yazzmin Devoy – I Wish U Would
Man & The Echo – Distance Runner
The Ambersons – The New Adventures Of Superman
Stillia – Easy
Slowhandclap – Rustling In The Bushes
32 Tens – Escape Artist (Live & Acoustic for WAM Exposure)
Hudsun – Shutdown
Hollow Vandals – Halfway To The Moon
Pray For Mojo – Salvador
Scott Simpson – It’ll Turn Up (Live & Acoustic for WAM Exposure)
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Summers A Girl

[WAM] Exposure Week 47 Lockdown Episode 5

More excellent local music straight from Warrington featuring these guys below. Hopefully won’t be long until we are back in the studio!

Crawlers – So Tired
Filthy Tricks – Leah [Lounge Session]
The Racket – No Shine From The Sun
Tamalas – Back Home
Serratone – Waste Away
Uno Mas – Storm Chasin’ [Lockdown Version]
The K’s – Just Like Heaven [The Cure Cover]
Nathan Lewis Thomas – Youth Is Ours
Junior Dayvis & Grace Nicole – Faking Smiles
Passionflower – Think Of Me & Look South
Gareth Heesom – Hold You In My Dreams
Aligners – Sixties Hearse
Conquer Rio – Lonely Road


[WAM] Exposure Week 46 Lockdown Episode 4

Once again we are back on the air with a pre-recorded show done from home and have the below tracks to keep your fix of local music topped up

Syfta – Flight
The A.V. Club – Circles (A Post Malone Lounge Session Cover)
32 Tens – Happy
Sam Gerken – Everything
The Zangwills – Patio Paradise (Jake Vickers Acoustic version)
Alan Jacob – Kryptonite
Kaleiders – Subway Station
Atlas Bay – This Life
Carta inc Featuring Lee Egerton – Taste
Liam Hillyer – What Dya Want From Me?
Scott W Simpson – Eidolon
Pacific – Last Life
Strangers – Jaded
Uno Mas – Glass Houses

[WAM] Exposure Week 45 Lockdown Episode 3

Mike and Lee are alternating the Lockdown shows to keep from going stir crazy and this week it is Lee’s privilege.
On this episode of WAM Exposure it’s another packed show filled with fantastic local music.

We have the very first play of Kaleiders brand new track ‘Subway Station’, plus tracks from the likes of Kerry Feeney, The Lottery Winners, The Racket, Last Bee on Earth, Jessica Luise and many more more.

The K’s – Valley One
The Lottery Winners – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Kerry Feeney – Dangerous
The Racket – No Shine From The Sun
Floral Scene – Superficial ([WAM] Acoustic Session
Signalman – Victim
Kaleiders – Subway Station
Lee Egerton – Top Of The World
Last Bee On Earth – Did They Do It (Dark To Light)
7 Day Weekend – One Of Those Nights
The Winachi Tribe – Funky But Chic
Dylan Rodrigues – Why
Jessica Luise – Leah (Filthy Tricks lockdown cover)


[WAM] Exposure Week 44 – Back on the Air New Music Special

WE’RE BACK ON THE AIRWAVES. Excited to be putting out a show on Saturdays again.
Serratone – Black Walls
Edits – Drowning
Filthy Tricks – Leah
The K’S – Valley One
Syfta – Flight
32 TENS – Happy
Muddy Elephant – Alice
Hollow Lane – Tell Me A Story
Serratone – Groovy Lucy
The A.V. Club – Juice (A Lizzo Cover for the Quarantine Sessions)
Slydigs – To Catch A Fading Light
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Her Laugh And The Photograph
Abi Rose Kelly – Polaroids And Violence


[WAM] Exposure Week ?? Lockdown Episode 1

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Lockdown Edition

Due to us being unable to broadcast we will be recording a series of lockdown podcasts from home until we are back in the studio.

Hope you enjoy this first episode with amazing music from these legends below:

The Lotts – I’ll Get Round To It
32 Tens – Escape Artist
Filthy Tricks – Leah
Man and The Echo – Give Me The Pomp
The A.V. Club – Don’t Start Now (Dua Lipa Cover)
Pacific – Everybody Wants To Rule The World (Tears or Fears Cover)
The K’S – Glass Towns
The Personas – UU
Gareth Heesom – Hold You In My Dreams
Kaleiders – Alive
Psyblings – Become A Pattern

[WAM] Exposure Week 42 – Strangers

Really enjoyed this week as we were joined in the studio by the brilliant Strangers. They gave us a great insight into the band, their plans, their creativity and treated us to 2 great Acoustic tracks along with an airing of their new single, Jaded.

You will also hear tracks from these guys too:

The Winachi Tribe – Funky But Chic
Jessica Luise – Better Place
Hudsun – Shutdown
Syfta – One Step Closer


[WAM] Exposure Week 41 – Lee Egerton

This week we had the brilliant Lee Egerton join Lee in the studio for an exclusive play of his new single ‘Top Of The World’, 2 excellent Live Acoustic tracks, a play of ‘Clearout’ and a good long chat about all Lee’s other projects.

You will also hear these terrific tracks below:

The Winachi Tribe – Funky But Chic
Pray For Mojo – Salvador
The Twenty Two – You’re Mine Divine
Strangers – Jaded

[WAM] Exposure Week 40

Along with an hour of belting local music this week saw the shows very first Trans Atlantic Interview with Olly Thornton all the way from Florida and also Harry from Syfta popped in to introduce the exclusive airing of their new single Breathe. You will also hear these pearlers below:

Gareth Heesom – A Million Butterflies
Syfta – Breathe
The A.V Club – Youthful Illusions
Uno Mas – Glass Houses
Strangers – You & I
Mo Jamil – That Feeling
Muddy Elephant – Helter Skelter
Filthy Tricks – Black Diamond Eyes
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Talk About It

[WAM] Exposure Week 39

Mike and Lee covered the sports show prior to this weeks WAM Exposure so were a bit frazzled but it didn’t prevent these bangers being played:

Uno Mas – Bored
Roughneck Riot – All That We Know
The A.V. Club – Hold
Sour Milk – Natural Disaster
Hollow Lane – Tell Me A Story
Scott Simpson – St Margaret
Filthy Tricks – Walk In Line
Muddy Elephant – Alice
Hudsun – Retrograde

[WAM] Exposure Week 38 – Aligners

This week we were joined for a catch up with friends of the show Aligners and they were also kind enough to treat us to 3 cracking Live Acoustic versions of ’60’s Hearse’, ‘All Your Friends’ and ‘Get Out’.

You will also catch the below epic tracks:

Viola Beach – Boys That Sing
Pacific – Idols
Hollow Lane – Tell Me A Story
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa

[WAM] Exposure Week 37 – The A.V Club

This Week we were joined by one of our favourite bands at the moment the Brilliant A.V Club ahead of their headline Warrington gig. We were treated to 2 amazing stripped back versions of’

This Week we were joined by one of our favourite bands at the moment the Brilliant A.V Club ahead of their headline Warrington gig. We were treated to 2 amazing stripped back versions of ‘Youthful Illusions’ and ‘Fools Paradise’ and an exclusive first play of ‘Hold’.

Download and listen back to hear all about what lies ahead for 2020 and you will also hear tracks from these guys too:

Filthy Tricks – Walk in Line
Nineties – You
The Lotts – I’ll Get Round To It
Man & The Echo – Alright

Plus, ‘Youthful Illusions’, ‘Fools Paradise’ and an exclusive first play of ‘Hold’.

[WAM] Exposure Week 36 Abi Rose Kelly

This week we were joined by the brilliant Abi Rose Kelly, download and listen back to a great hour and also 2 cracking live acoustic versions of “Kill The Waitress” and “Friends”

You will also catch tracks from these guys below:

Uno Mas – Bored
Filthy Tricks – Walk In Line
Live Transmission – Holding On Tight
Gareth Heesom – Broken Man
Nineties – Too Much To Ask
The A.V. Club – Berlin


[WAM] Exposure Week 35 – The Letter K

This week saw the lead up to The K’s Headline gig at the O2 Ritz in Manchester so we filled the show with songs or artists using the letter K …. albeit some were a very poor twist on words.

You will Katch tracKs from these Killer loKal legends

Kaleiders – Kicks
Kingfast – One day
The K’S – Sarajevo
Kula Bay – Make up your mind
32 Tens – Kill my mind
Kerry Sheree – Eptir
The K’s – Got a feeling
Kye Jones – Questions
Delphina Kings – Kid calm down
Carter inc feat Lee Egerton – Hear you say (OK, OK, it’s a C not a K- Editor)
Argh Kid – Neighbours
PinK Shirts for Pale People – Night drives
The K’s – Aurora

Also it’s not a K but you will hear Dylan Rodriguez – I’m Going Home as the Acoustic cafe open mic night featured artist preview.

Enjoy !

[WAM] Exposure Week 34 – Syfta

This week we had the brilliant Widnes 4 Piece SYFTA join us for the hour finding out more about them ahead of their huge 02 Ritz gig supporting The K’S.

We played out 2 recorded tracks and got 2 Live and Acoustic performances that you won’t want to miss. You can also hear the below tracks scattered throughout the show:

Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa
Alan Jacob – Kryptonite
32 TENS – My Town

[WAM] Exposure Week 33 – [WAM] Mag 2 Hour Special

This week saw the launch of the 3rd Edition of the [WAM] Magazine so this show was a musical flick through the pages of mostly everyone that’s featured within it. Halfway through our usual hour we got a call to say we can have an extra hour so we grabbed it with both hands allowing us to play these 17 …YES 17 Bangers:

Man & The Echo – A Capable Man
Kaleiders – She Bangs The Drums (WAM Live Session Cover)
Filthy Tricks – Black Diamond Eyes
Roughneck Riot – All That We Know
Joe Hatton – False Messiah
Saytr Play – Don’t Go East
Seagoth – Cool
Hollow Vandals – Halfway To The Moon
The Zangwills – Lipstick River
Uno Mas – Bored
Crawlers – So Tired
The A.V Club – Youthful Illusions
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa  (for WAM Exposure Live and Acoustic)
The K’s – Aurora
Jessica Luise – Eyes Like Mine
Jack Woodward – Let It Happen
Edits – Don’t Speak

** For speed of uploading the podcasts we sometimes leave the gig guide in. These are past events please do not use these to plan your nights** For updated events please visit the WArrington Music Facebook page.

[WAM] Exposure Week 32 – 2019 Review

This week Lee did a [WAM] round up of the year with tracks from each month related to what was going on at the time in a 1.5 hour trip down 2019 lane.

January – The K’s, Aurora
February – Slydigs, Sleep In The Wind
March – The Winachi Tribe, Transition
March – Kula Bay, Heart Out
April – The Zangwills, Patio Paradise
May – Crawlers, So Tired
June – Filthy Tricks, Call The Shots
July – Scott Simpson, St Margaret
August – Man & The Echo, Life On An Island, Gimme The Pomp
September – Strangers, You and I
October – Serratone, Dreams
October – Pink Shirts For Pale People, The Lake House
November – The Lotts, Where Are You Going
December – Abi Rose Kelly, James’ Corsa

Thanks for a cracking year hope you enjoy the last show of 2019, see you in 2020 !

[WAM] Exposure Week 31 – Alan Jacob Xmas Special

As this was the last show before Xmas we wanted to get into the spirit with a Xmas Special and we were joined by Alan Jacob to help us along.

Alan is a singer/songwriter from Stockton Heath and also the Drummer from Live Transmission. Alan did a couple of brilliant Live Acoustic tracks for us and told us all about himself and his new Solo EP “Fragile”.

You were also treated to tracks from these guys below:

The A.V. Club – Youthful Illusions
Kula Bay – Last Christmas (Xmas Cover)
Psyblings – Where Is Your Moon
The Zangwills – The Horrors Of Sobriety
Nathan Greenfield – Christmas Queen
The Lottery Winners – Fairytale Of New York (Xmas Cover)


[WAM] Exposure Week 30

This week was another remote pre-recorded show as set up for the Warrington Music “Man & The Echo” gig was in full swing, It didn’t stop us treating you to these bangers though:

Jack Woodward – How Can I Fall In Love
Man & The Echo – A Capable Man
La Scala – Hours
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa
The Zangwills – Judas On The Dancefloor
Crawlers – So Tired
Floral Scene – Just Friends
Roughneck Riot – Just Because
Exile Paradise – Movie Maker
Man & The Echo – All Right
Man & The Echo – Life On An Island


[WAM] Exposure Week 29

This week was a pre-recorded show done remotely so apologies for the small echo but it didn’t stop us from bringing you 11 great tracks from Warrington’s finest including 4 brand new tracks to the show along with a scattering of nostalgia as we replayed some of the tracks our past guests have performed for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic:

Dientes – Take Me Away
Matt McClenan (Kaleiders) – Subway Station for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic
Wisdomtrip – Magnolia
Man & The Echo – A Capable Man
Scott Simpson – It’ll Turn Up for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic
Syfta – One Step Closer
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa
Factory – Remote Controller for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic
32 Tens – Swansong
The Zangwills – Patio Paradise for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic
The Winachi Tribe – A Room With A Zoo
Gareth Heesom – Broken Man for [WAM] Exposure Live and Acoustic

** Don’t forget you can watch the videos of the above live performances on the [WAM] Exposure youtube page.

[WAM] Exposure Week 28

Another hour of quality local music from this talented bunch:

Catfish and The Bottlemen – Homesick (Purists, there’s a local link before you say anything)
Jack Woodward – Let it Happen
Filthy Tricks – Black Diamond Eyes
The Bid – Don’t Wait
Uno Mas – Bored
Man & The Echo – On Safari
Jessica Luise – Eyes Like Mine
Roughneck Riot – All That We Know
The A.V Club – Berlin
Pacific – Life In Short
The Ambersons – Wonderful Christmas Time
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Night Drives
Edits – Don’t Speak

[WAM] Exposure Week 27 – Rhys Hopkins

This week we were extremely lucky to have Rhys Hopkins with us in the studio to tell us all about his himself and treat us to a couple of Live Acoustic tracks including a belting cover of Slide Away. You will also have a scattering of other tracks from these guys below:

Ian Brown – Stelify
The Zangwills – Painting By Numbers
The Lotts – Speed of Sound
Abi Rose Kelly – James’ Corsa (Live and Acoustic for WAM Exposure)
32 Tens – Escape Artist
Serratone – Sweet Disease
Man & The Echo – Distant Runner


[WAM] Exposure Week 26

We had to pre record the show this week but what lacks in the patter we more than make up with these crackers:

The Winachi Tribe – Parasites Paradise
Last Bee On Earth – World On Fire
The K’s – Aurora
The A.V Club – Tell Me Now
Strangers – You and I
Man & The Echo – The Cold Is Stronger Than You Are
Saytr Play – Fragile
32 Tens – New Hands
Serratone – White Lady
Slydigs – How Animal Are You
Factory – Remote Controller
Scott Simpson – St Margaret
Muddy Elephant – Alice

[WAM] Exposure Week 25

After a couple of weeks off Mike was back with a bucket load of local music to tickle your ears with. You will hear these bangers below:

Kaleiders – Kicks
Hudsun – Retrograde
The Lotts – Out of It
Uno Mas – Bored
Saytr Play – Don’t Go East
Man & The Echo – Operation Margarine
The A.V Club – Tell Me Now
The Zangwills – 212
Dientes – Middle Finger
Rhys Hopkins – The Traveller
Pacific – Time To Forget
Edits – Don’t Speak

[WAM] Exposure Week 24 – Matt Healey and Nineties

Lee again stepped into the hot seat for me and was joined by not one but TWO guests.

Matt Healey gave a live performance of a new song “Love Lost” and Nineties also called in for a chat ahead of their Gig at The Lounge and performed “Too Much To Ask” for WAM Exposure Live and Acoustic.

You can also hear music from these chaps below :

Floral Scene – 25
The K’s – BBC
Kula Bay – Heart Out
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Nightdrives
Broke Casino – Boss
Neptune Valley – Keeping The Faith
Man & The Echo – Girl From Hamburg
Uno Mas – Bored

[WAM] Exposure Week 23

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 23 where Lee and I swapped seats so I can put my feet up and he can feel the pressure this week 🙂

You will also catch these belters below

Seagoth – Internet Cafe
Jessica Luise – Stargaze
La Scala – Hours
Crawlers – Black Diamond Eyes (Filthy Tricks Cover For WAM Live Sessions)
The K’s – Aurora
Sarpa Salpa – Smith
Man & The Echo – Filthy Jack Pye
The A.V Club – How I Feel (Live @ RivFest19 Version)
Hannover – Saw You Alone
7 Day Weekend – Only The Strong
Psyblings – Where’s Your Moon

[WAM] Exposure Week 22

We were buzzing to have the brilliant Factory in the studio with us ahead of their Friars court gig giving us an insight into the 4 piece along with 2 quality live acoustic performances. You will also hear tracks from this lovely lot below:

Strangers – Hollows and Highways
The Lottery Winners – That’s Not Entertainment
Man and The Echo – PR Masterpiece
Serratone – Dreams
Filthy Tricks – Sixty Two
Hollow Lane – Is Your Brother Home
Working Mens Club – Bad Blood

[WAM] Exposure Week 21

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 21

Myself and Lee enjoyed bringing you a good hour of Warrington’s finest musicians with a Theme of Old and New (Well to start off with anyway). Listen back to enjoy these crackers !

Psyblings – Where’s Your Moon
The Zangwills – Painting By Numbers
Edits – Don’t Speak
Scott Simpson – St Margaret
Floral Scene – 25
Carta inc. Featuring Lee Egerton – Hear You Say
The Lottery Winners – Hawaii
Man and The Echo – Gimme The Pomp
The Zangwills – 212
Man and The Echo – Favourite Band of A Dead Man

[WAM] Exposure Week 20 – UNO MAS

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 20 where we were joined by new band UNO MAS who we got to know a little better and were treated to 3 Live and Acoustic Exclusive tracks.

You will also hear the following tracks

Viola Beach – Boys That Sing
Saytr Play – Don’t Go East
Argh Kid – Neighbours
Man & The Echo – A Capable Man
The Winachi Tribe – Transition
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Summers A Girl
Pacific – Blinded

[WAM] Exposure Week 19

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 19

Download so you can listen to this talented lot while you’re on your travels:

Kula Bay – Make Up Your Mind
Muddy Elephant – Alice
Nathan Lewis Thomas – The Melody
Strangers – You And I
BINES – Northern Lights
32 TENS – Escape Artist
Marvin Powell – Dust Of The Day
La Scala – Hours
The Lotts – Where Are You Going
Gareth Heesom Music – Butterflies
Average Sex – Ugly Strangers

[WAM] Exposure Week 18

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 18
It was a quiet week but a good opportunity to throw out a Tonne of awesome local music from these fine fellows:
Sly Antics – When The Lights Go Down
Rhys Hopkins – The Traveller
Thoughtune Ltd EvilA – Stand Strong
THE A.V CLUB – Tell Me Now
Ferris & Sylvester – Burning River
(Daniel Lisle) Broadcast Death – Beautifully Broken Down
Joe Hatton – Matter Of Time
32 TENS – So Nah
The Thought Police – Holy Man
Filthy Tricks – Black Diamond Eyes
Slydigs – Your Ship Will Sail

[WAM] Exposure Week 17 – Rivfest 19 Special

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 17 Rivfest 19 Special.

To countdown 3 weeks until the epic Rivfest 19 we did a special where we welcomed 4 Rivfest19 artists The A.V Club, La Scala, Seagoth and Abi Rose Kelly into the studio. It was a packed show as we were treated to 2 brilliant live tracks and also an exclusive first play of ‘Hours’ the debut single by La Scala.

Rivfest19 is on the 28th September. Visit the FB page, [WAM] Exposure or here for more details.


[WAM] Exposure Week 16

Mike and Lee were back from holidays and Rugby cup finals so what better way to celebrate than playing an hour of the best local music.

Tracks Played:
Roughneck Riot – All that we know

Pacific – Time To Forget
The Zangwills – Spielberg Sweethearts
Kaleiders – Alive
The Farsiders band – Town I Know
The K’s – Aurora
Cut Glass Kings – Dream In The Dark
Serratone – Sweet Disease

[WAM] Exposure Week 15

As Mike was sunning himself on holiday Lee was drinking his body weight in beer at the Challenge Cup Final however he managed to pre-record this peach of a show before he left.

Loads of new music along with the usual cheesy intro which this week will bring a tear to your eye. Enjoy!

Tracks Played:
Kula Bay – Let’s Go For A Dance
The K’s – Aurora
The A.V Club – How I Feel
The Zangwills – Spielberg Sweethearts
Floral Scene – Study
Scott Simpson – Dopamine
Hollow Vandals – Halfway To The Moon
Dakota Avenue – Get In The Shower
Rhys Hopkins – Why
Dientes – Middle Finger

[WAM] Exposure Week 14 – Kaleiders

Week 14 podcast is now available when Matt from Kaleiders spent the hour with us and treated us to 2 live acoustic tracks, one of which was an exclusive and also struck a chord with me as being an awesome tune so listen out for Subway Station (Working Title).

Download via the above link or spotify for some harmonica happiness and also catch these great tracks:

Tracks Played:
Edits – Don’t Speak
Black Pulp – Vapour
Stillia – Easy
Average Sex – Ugly Strangers
Hollow Vandals – December

[WAM] Exposure Week 13

This week was a record breaking week and we played the most amount of local music in the hour than we have ever done before.  All local, All Excellent, All for you !!

Tracks Played:
Kaleiders – Kicks
Man & The Echo – Capable Man
Dientes – Take Me Away
Dakota Avenue – Get In The Shower
The Zangwills – Horrors Of Sobriety
32 TENS – My Town
Carl North & The Lonely Hearts – Born To Bleed
The Lottery Winners – Long Way Home
The Bid – Don’t Wait
Man & The Echo – Distant Runner

[WAM] Exposure Week 12 – Scott Simpson

WArringtonMusic.co.uk Editor Lee Harman was joined by Scott Simpson for a great hour featuring great local music and Scott smashing out 2 great acoustic tracks.

Tracks Played:
Pacific – Bottle This Love
The Lilacs – Something For Nothing
The K’s – Got A Feeling
Man & The Echo – PR Masterpiece (Live at [WAM] Festival)
Shallow Waters – Wake Up To What Is Real
Saytr Play – Fragile
The Lotts – Speed Of Sound

[WAM] Exposure Week 11

As we continue alternating weeks between live guests and just an hour of great local music this week is Mike and Lee celebrating everything good about the local music scene.

Tracks Played:
Strangers – Nocturnal
Holy Drone – Sleeping Silver
Sky Valley Mistress – You Got Nothin
Déjà Vega – Eyes Of Steel
La Scala – Hours (Live Acoustic [WAM]
Exposure version)
Olly Thornton – Feeling It With You
Man & The Echo – A Capable Man
T-Shirt Dream Party – Bookends
The Zangwills – Lipstick River

[WAM] Exposure Week 10 – Edits

Really enjoyed this week as we had Liv and Chris from Edits joining us fresh from closing the Warrington Young Traders Market [WAM] Acoustic stage.

I love the sound Edits have found and i’m sure you will too.

Tracks Played:
Jack Woodward – Pray
Joe Hatton – Matter Of Time
The A.V Club – Berlin
ARGH KiD – Neighbours
32TENS – Escape Artist

[WAM] Exposure Week 9

This week there were no guests so Lee and James managed to have a good hour of belting out quality local music.

Tracks Played:
The K’s – Sarajevo
Bleek Noir – Don’t Stay Away
Pacific – Life In Short
Nathan Greenfield – Hours
Muddy Elephant – Alice
The A.V Club – How I Feel
Viola Beach – Swings and Waterslides
Gareth Heesom – Butterflies
Hollow Vandals – Soma
Passionflower – Cheer Up Charlie

[WAM] Exposure Week 8 – Gareth Heesom

Welcome to [WAM] Exposure Week 8 where we had a great week chatting with Gareth Heesom and was treated to 3 great live tracks along with plenty of other great local music.

Tracks Played:
Roughneck Riot – Parasites 
Filthy Tricks – Sixty Two
The Bid – Don’t Wait
Saytr Play – Don’t Go East

[WAM] Exposure Week 7- Paul Nixon

Paul Nixon joined us this week and we spent the hour finding all about Paul, his music and heard 3 great live performances.

There is also a scattering of local music celebrating Issue 2 of WAM Magazine hitting the streets.

Serratone – White Lady
Edits – Burn
Pink Shirts For Pale People – Summers a Girl
Pacific – Bottle This Love
The Zangwills – Sunlight at Midnight
The Winachi Tribe – Transition

[WAM] Exposure Week 6 – Kula Bay

[WAM] head honcho Lee Harman jumped into the hot seat while Mike was away this week and did a sterling job along with special guest David Hindle from Kula Bay.

David performed a couple of live tracks along with the debut play of their new single “Someone You Love”.

Strangers – Hibernate
Serratone – White Lady
Scholar – Isabella
Man & The Echo – Life On An Island
Edits – Burn

[WAM] Exposure Week 5 – 32 TENS

Week 5 saw the brilliant 32TENS in the studio and they definitely didn’t disappoint.

Plenty of chat and 2 exclusive acoustic performances will see you right for the next 45 mins !

Head to the [WAM] Exposure facebook page for videos of the 2 performances.

[WAM] Exposure Week 4 – Pacific

After a few weeks off air we were back in the game with the Awesome Pacific joining us in the studio as our featured artists.

Find out all about Pacific along with 4 tracks, a couple of exclusives and 3 other local belting songs.

[WAM] Exposure Week 3

We didn’t have any guests with us this week so instead did a bit of a taster session for what was to come on the second day of the Warrington Music Festival which had 22 live local bands playing throughout the day.

I waffle on quite a bit (it gets lonely when you’re on your own in the studio) but there are still plenty of great tracks if you can bear with me – Mike.

[WAM] Exposure Week 2 – Hollow Vandals

It was great to be joined by Hollow Vandals this week, a relatively new band but one that has taken the local scene by storm and has generated a strong following in a short space of time.

They spent the hour with us a treated us to 3 great acoustic tracks.

[WAM] Exposure Week 1 – Launch

Welcome to the all new, [WAM] Exposure!

Since WArrington Music Scenes advocate extraordinaire Lee Harman swooped in the last couple of weeks to keep the show alive while I was away we have decided to work together to bring you [WAM] Exposure.

Same format just more great content and now part of a brilliant team.
This week me and Lee kicked things off with a small celebration of local music.

Wire Exposure Week 7 – Filthy Tricks

I’m Mike Massey but once again WArrington Music Scenes advocate extraordinaire Lee Harman swooped in this week to keep the show alive while I was away.

Lee again brought you some great tracks, the weekend gig guide but more importantly he brought you a brilliant interview and live performance by Liam and Gerard of Filthy Tricks ahead of their Debut single Launch at Livebar for Black Diamond Eyes.

Wire Exposure Week 6 – Dean Fairhurst

This week I was still sampling the delights of the Hotel NHS so keeping the seat warm and your local music needs catered for was Lee Harman from WArrington Music.

Lee brought you some great tracks, your weekend gig guide and a brilliant interview with Dean Fairhurst giving us an insight into the sad news about Slydigs and what lies ahead on his new journey as Standin Man.

So turn it up, relax and enjoy Wire Exposure Week 6 with Lee Harman – Mike.

Wire Exposure Week 5 – The Zangwills

I’m Mike Massey and this week we were lucky to have all 4 of The brilliant Zangwills in the studio with us. I have to be honest it was a bit of a squeeze but that didn’t put them off their stride. We got a good hour with them and squeezed in 4 great tracks.

It’s a bit unfair to show any bias when doing this show but I’ve loved everything the boys have done to date, I think their music is incredible and Jake’s voice is a gift.

Have a listen for yourself and I hope you enjoy Week 5 with The Zangwills.

Wire Exposure Week 4 – The Winachi Tribe

This week was pretty special as we were lucky enough to have Liam and Anthony from The Winachi Tribe on the show, telling us all about their EPIC 2018, their fashionable start to 2019 and of course their upcoming homecoming gig closing the [WAM] Festival.

Don’t forget you can listen to us live every Saturday at 5pm on Radio Warrington 1332am, online or on the smartphone app.

Wire Exposure Week 3 – La Scala

Welcome to Wire Exposure Week 3, hopefully you know the script by now but just in case you’re new to us, I’m Mike Massey and Wire Exposure is a local music show on Radio Warrington focusing each week on artists from Warrington and surrounding areas.

This week we were lucky to be joined by Nathan and Kurt from La Scala and we spent a good hour finding out all about the birth of the band, what makes them tick, what’s lie’s ahead and they spoilt us with an acoustic set.

Wire Exposure Week 2 – Olly Thornton & The Shirts

Hello and welcome to the Wire Exposure podcast Week 2 !

This week we were joined in the studio by Olly and Loz from Olly Thornton and The Shirts where we spent a good hour putting the world to rights. We got carried away chatting about Gigs, Kerry Catona, Shirts, Ian Brown and Sharts … but don’t worry we did also squeeze in some live music too.

As usual I’ve taken out the gig guides and final scores as these are all in the past and we are all about the future

So welcome to Wire Exposure Week 2 featuring Olly Thornton & The Shirts.

Wire Exposure Week 1 – The Bid

Hello and welcome to the Wire Exposure podcast

I’m Mike Massey and every Saturday at 5pm I host a music show on radio warrington which is called … yes you’ve guessed it .. Wire Exposure. Radio warrington is on 1332am, you can find us online or you can even download the app.

Every week we bring you local music from warrington and the surrounding areas along with news, gig guides, live performances and interviews.

So this is week 1 of the new format and every week we will be creating a podcast so you can listen back in case you missed the show.

Our guests in the studio this week were the brilliant Joe and Lindsay Hatton from The Bid and it truly was a pleasure as they are such such lovely guys.

This was the first week and it wasn’t short of it’s technical hiccups.. levels, speed when playing their new single etc. so I do apologise to Joe and Lindsay but I see it as a good opportunity to have you guys back in soon and lets do it all over again.

I’ve removed the gig guide as these have already happened and the football results just in case you still haven’t watched match of the day, everything else is pretty much as it happened on the show so sit back, grab a cup of tea (or your tipple of choice) and join myself, James, Joe and Lindsay for Week 1 of Wire Exposure featuring The Bid.

Whilst we migrate all the socials and site to the new site, head here to listen to all previous shows which include featured artists such as The Winachi Tribe, The Bid and Filthy Tricks.