Free Downloads

There are some fantastic bands in Warrington who have released some great music, we have even been lucky to release tracks through [WAM]. Almost 5000 tracks have been  downloaded  for free over the years.

You can find our full library below and on our bandcamp page here.

They were released for free, and always will be.
Be sure to share them with your friends.

[WAM] Compilation 1 – Released Dec 2012
[WAM] Festival Compilation 2013 – Released July 2013
[WAM] Festival Compilation 2014 – Released July 2014
The Phoenix Experiment – Black Knight Satellite – Released April 2013
High Rise – self titled EP – Released April 2013
The Ambersons – The Housecat [Single] – Released July 2013
Johnny Set – Self titled EP – Released May 2014

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