The Winachi Tribe – Time For Love [Remix] [Single]

‘Just one chance to get it right’

Sort of sums up the music industry really! As soon as those Giorgio Moroder synths and Niles Rodgers guitars hit you, you know you’re in the grip of The Winachi Tribe. The funky beat and solid bassline, complete with synth stabs, underpin the intro until the main vocals hit you with Liam Croker’s trademark funky swagger.

Add to that some Donna Summer-esque backing vocals (a family affair with Liam’s cousin, Natalie O’Donovan) and you have the makings of a fine track. The track builds and has a fine brass sample towards the end, reminiscent of 70’s funk, whilst the female vocals become more of a banshee type sound toward the end (Nile Rodgers would be more than happy with the brilliant guitar solo), and we’re expected to show ‘devotion, as deep as the ocean’….

Being a fan of other Winachi tracks such as ‘Transition’ and ‘A Room with a Zoo’ this is a bombasting remix of an original first released five years ago and has the tendency to make you groove in your chair in your office….but you’re all working from home now so there’s no excuse to turn it up and get down!

Reworked by legendary producer, Dave Tolan, it is a chance to look back on a track that started it all and directs us to the future.

It’s Time for Love as the refrain goes, it’s definitely time for the Winachi Tribe to get that chance to get it right. Funking brilliant as they say in some circles….I may have made that up. Give it a listen, you’ll be dancing like your boss at the Christmas party….

– Thank you to Stu Jones aka musician Signalman. ‘Time For Love’ is out now through A1M Records now.

Have a listen for yourself below and check out The Winachi Tribe socials via the links below.