The Lotts – We Are The Lotts [EP]

The Lotts have released their debut EP, ‘We Are The Lotts’ and it is pure Garage-Punk;
Simple, energetic and loud. Warrington’s answer to The Stooges don’t mess around, playing music that matches their
mantra: ‘Do it fast, do it loud’. The four-piece has been known to take this all too literally in the studio too, recording over a dozen tracks in one particular three-day session back in 2018.

“It’s just simple energetic rock, what’s wrong with that?” Henry Bucanan.

Well, nothing actually. These latest offerings from the band made up of Henry Buchanan (guitar/vocals), Adam Bridge (guitar), Jamie Evans (bass), Joel Norton (skins) were recorded with producer Thighpaulsandra (aka Tim Lewis) as they returned to Monmouth’s Rockfield Studios (of Bohemian Rhapsody and early Black Sabbath fame).

Just like EP (5 tracks in 13 minutes and 35 seconds), we’re going to go break neck speed track-by-track!

We Are The Lotts

No frills, just two minutes of chaotic punk to show off The Lotts’ signature style.

I Don’t

Sticking to the 2-minute formula, this track seems… dare I say it… a more controlled and considered effort, while still holding true to the frantic guitar riffs and snarling vocals.


Dumb gives us a more developed melody and craft than the previous tracks, and then disappears abruptly, as all the best punk songs do.

Preacher Man

More crunching guitar riffs as “I’m sore” is reaffirmed by Henry throughout this track. And that is exactly how you’ll feel after hurling yourself round a lively Lotts gig when lockdown is over.


Everything slows down for this, the lengthier finale to the EP. The drums and guitars progress through and we are introduced to a calmer more inquisitive style of vocal, before sinking into a black hole of fuzz.

– John Storton

Have a listen for yourself below and check out The Lotts socials via the links below.

‘We Are The Lotts’ is available on vinyl via the Whispering Pines Collective label here.



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