Presse Jouer – Floral Scene [EP]

The North West based four-piece indie pop band, Floral Scene are back with a follow up to ‘25’ and it could not have come at a better time.

Festival season may have been effectively cancelled this year, but these lads can bring the sound of summer to any situation.

Their latest EP release, Presse Jouer blends their usual mix of indie rock, jazz
and rock and roll to create a perfect soundtrack to the coming months.

Here’s [WAM] writer John with a track by track breakdown:

‘Easier’ [is a] head-nodding, toe-tapping,finger clicking instant classic.


Within seconds this song will take you to a sunny field or beer garden. The
punchy guitar riff will have you dancing in your garden, whether self-isolating or with your mates. It’ll feel like day two of a festival. Just when the gloom of the previous night lifts and you think, “Yes! All is good. I can go again.”


If Jouer is the festival dance off, Easier is the calm between two sets. Like
finding a chilled spot in a relatively quiet corner and letting your mind wander
for a while before it all kicks off again. This song is a head-nodding, toe-tapping,
finger clicking instant classic. “Things have to get harder before they get better”
sings vocalist Joe King but listening to this track is as easy as it gets.


Carrying on the festival analogy, the sun is well and truly on its way down now
as this simple acoustic riff is complemented by the most beautiful melodic lines
about friendship. Short and very sweet.


The intro to this tune does what it says on the tin. No distractions. Just a guitar
riff and a vocal that says a lot without actually saying anything – just a hum.
This one builds very slowly without crescendo. Understated, and a fitting end to
this collection of songs.

Floral Scene are already beginning to make a mark on the UK music scene and
should be put on your ‘ones to watch’ list.

Floral Scene are Joe King, Louis King, Adam Catterall and Ellis Cullen.

Have a listen for yourself below and check the bands socials via the links.



Many thanks to John Storton for a great review. John is the managing director of Yellow Spider Media who develops effective content, social media and digital marketing strategies for businesses across the UK. Find out more here.