Abi Rose Kelly – Polaroids & Violence [Single]

Many performers have graced Warrington’s stages over the last few years, and more and more of them are flooding into our Spotify Playlists. But not all of them have made as much of an impact as Abi Rose Kelly.

I was lucky enough to have been invited to review Abi when she supported The A.V. Club in March. And what a performance she delivered. I had heard all the hype, but this was something else.

Off the back of her successful release ‘James’s Corsa’, Abi has now given everyone another beauty to add to our playlists.

‘Polaroids and Violence’, displays several of Abi’s qualities, but more surprisingly her more soulful side. Abi is known for her attitude and energy and probably isn’t as well known for her softer side.

A short intro leads straight into the verse fluently.

‘You’ve got the burnt lips, high kicks, Polaroids and violence’, an opening line which instantly had me questioning what the song was about. I still don’t know what it’s about, but it really doesn’t matter.

The lyrics throughout this song are poetic and fluent, sitting in their rhythms with an air of swagger. From a backing band point of view, it has a hint of 3 eras. 80s rock ballad, 70s soul and 90s indie. I can tell you it nails every single one of them.

The song starts with a slow tempo. A guitar drowned in chorus and reverb, with Abi playing stabbed chords to accompany the lead guitar. The bass and drums holding the beat firm. As the song builds, Abi’s voice is double tracked, the lead guitar responds to the Vocal line ‘Can you feel the air pushing through your chest?’.

Out of the blue but not at all out of place, the tempo picks up. When I first heard it, I was driving and caught right off guard, but loved every minute. It is the musical equivalent of the dream fall that wakes you up as you are about to drop off to sleep and you realise you weren’t falling. You think you have missed something but realise you are in the same song and have missed absolutely nothing. That to me is a queue to repeat the track and a genius musical passage that will hook any listener, and although more obvious when the tempo reverts back, it is no less impressive.

The chorus is therefore more powerful and more like the Abi Rose Kelly we’ve come to know. Attitude, aggression, and up tempo.

‘Were you drunk?
‘And Did you Lie?’
‘You can’t Run’
‘And you can’t hide’.

The 4 lines from the chorus that you’ll be singing along to when Abi gets back to the music venues.

A double chorus and a short outro complete this song.

There’s so much more to come from Abi, so get onto her socials and keep upto date with all things ARK and get this one in your playlists.



Many thanks to Lee Egerton for a great review. Chris is guitarist in Lost In Echoes as well as a solo singer/songwriter. Give him a like here.