The A.V Club – Over U [Single]

Life since March has forced a change in every aspect of life, from shopping and holidays to education and work, and the music industry is no different. Beloved venues have faced closure, tours have been cancelled, and artists have had to get even more creative than usual. One band that was particularly quick on the ball was The A.V. Club.

 Working remotely on a series of lockdown covers, it has been a very different summer for this band than planned. After a blossoming first six months releasing their debut EP and playing a series of headline shows across the north west, vocalist and guitarist Joe Banks had to travel back to the country after only three weeks into his once in a lifetime journey to Asia.

Quick at creating content in a new environment, the band started with their covers in quarantine. Building upon their skills of music production, the boys had to adapt their creative process to that of a digital medium.

Pre-lockdown, their songwriting process was a joint effort, bouncing ideas together until finding something that they could build upon in the studio. During a countrywide lockdown, this was no longer an option.

For ‘Over U’, everything was recorded, written, and produced by themselves in their own home studios, and then sent off to be mixed by long time collaborator Gareth Nuttall (The Lounge, Wigan recording studio), as opposed to typically recording it all together. Through lots of back and forth zooming sessions and late-night calls, they built the base ideas and the catchy riff that goes throughout the song until it became something, they could really be proud of.

Opening with light synth and an immediately catchy riff, ‘Over U’ finds a great balance for the band’s style. Reflecting upon the story of lost love and old relationships, the lyrics are relatable for any listener, almost like an open letter to an ex. Picking up for the chorus, the riff becomes heavier, and we hear the title lyrics of being ‘Over U’. As well as producing this upbeat song, the band also produced an acoustic version, which offers a laid-back the recollection of the same story. In some ways, the acoustic version leans itself more to the message of the lyrics, so I think that having this version encompasses the bands range perfectly.

After seeing what they’re capable of doing from this song, the band are planning to keep producing their music using this new process, and if their future music is anything like ‘Over U’, this won’t be a disappointment to their listeners. The A.V. Club should have had the opportunity to come out of their darkened studios for a prestigious slot on the big summer close out festival with the K’s at the start of September. Proof that even virtual weekends of live music can fall foul of the effect that lockdown still poses.

– Scarlett New & additional writing by Lee Harman.

Have a listen for yourself below and check out The A.V Clubs socials via the links below.



Many thanks to Scarlett for a great review. Click here to see a behind the scenes video to the making of the track with the band themselves.