Muddy Elephant – Tusk [Single]

Something horrible is going on in a distant part of the world but Muddy Elephant on the other hand are rolling up their trunks and taking action, by raising awareness through their brand new single ‘Tusk’.

Aside from being punchier and more energetic, this song is reminiscent of ‘Editors’. That is not a bad thing in my book by the way, and I was pleased to discover during my research that this was the bands intention, so I hope they won’t mind me pointing it out!

I love the little faded intro, I find these to be a subtle but great little signature for a song to announce itself and become recognisable on future encounters. The track then starts with your typical blast of shiny indie guitars and punchy drums, but it is where the track strips back for the verses that the single excels. Although the guitars pull back to give space for the vocals, the punch of the drums and the driven bass line maintains the momentum where other tracks may lose it. The thump of the kick and the slap of the snare keeps the listener engaged as the ‘Editors’ style vocals begin to convey the message behind the track. A call to save the elephants!

The only difference between the intro, first verse and the chorus from what I can tell is the way that the guitars come in and out, seamlessly but at the same time impactfully transitioning between these early sections of the song, making the vocal line effortlessly flow throughout. The second verse retains interest with additional jangly guitar parts that prick up your ears and bring something fresh to the experience. The grungy bridge/middle 8 section acts as an epic war cry and call to action before the final chorus and outro. The production is fantastic.

I hate to say it (but it is important) this mix stands up on laptop and phone speakers. It’s depressing but unfortunately, we have to accept the fact that this is how the casual listener will hear it. It’s a skill to get a bass guitar to sound that good on small speakers! The band seem to have an excellent working relationship with their producer Gareth Nuthall at The Lounge who is creating great results for these guys, and many other local musicians. I can’t wait to hear more from Muddy Elephant, and please join them in their fight to save their own kind.

– Thank you to Scott Laywood who performs under the name Scott and the Flying Kicks. ‘Tusk’ is out now on all good streaming & download destinations.

Have a listen for yourself below and check out Muddy Elephant’s socials via the links below.