The Winachi Tribe – [WAM] Festival 23/3/19

So tonight’s gig is of local persuasion, The Winachi Tribe are headlining the final night of [WAM] Festival at The Auction Rooms.

 I ‘ve been meaning to check these guys out as I’ve known of their existence for some time.

Straight from the Ashes of another band ‘China White’ and Ian Brown’s backing band, are percussionist Inder Goldfinger, joining up with singer /lyricist Liam Croker and  Antony Egerton on Keys & programming, they pride themselves on being an Electronic Funk Soul act.

This band have been on the gigging circuit for years recently making waves in Hollywood USA, followers here tonight carry their shaker sticks everywhere I’ve never seen anything that in all the years I’ve been gigging .

The crowd are a mainly an indie parka wearing hardcore posse across different age groups, tonight it’s more like a club and if your name ain’t down you’re not coming in for this sold out show.

Support is from raucous local band Filthy Tricks they are straight from the school of ‘Primal Scream’ and ‘The Stones’ their lead singer is thinner than me and looks vaguely like the ‘ Black Crowes’ frontman.

As he takes to climbing on a platform where local festival’s cameras are set up, prompting us to get our hands up and rock out with him, it’s also worth mentioning the fantastic ‘Manchester Bee’ tribute on the guitar of Gerard’s 6 string.

Totally away from the main acts sound, but as  The Winachi Tribe finally take to the low stage in this tiny venue the crowd have expanded at least into their 100 mark at the lip of the stage, many more soaking in the music towards the back.

Beginning with upbeat ‘Sex Drugs and Poetry’ and the cool lingering swagger of ‘Starfighter’ it has the masses raising a pint and occasionally spilling it to the infectious lyrics. Hit song ‘Transition’ sits nicely in the hour long set the crowd belting out the words alongside Liam.

Ending on a three song Encore, Warrington are onto a winner here having previously supported Happy Mondays on tour they’re the clear favourite to close [WAM] Festival 2019. Save the best for last Warrington, you’re a star!

– Suzanne Muse Caley


Setlist: Sex drugs and Poetry, StarFighter, Everybody Everyone, Acclimatise, Funky But Chic, African shaker, Transition, Time For Love, Sympathy for the Future
Encore: Our Dylan, Yeah Fool.