The Phoenix Experiment EP Launch – Friars Court 1/3/13

Kindest Of Thieves, Modern Alarms, The Phoenix Experiment

Tonight WAM held ‘The Phoenix Experiments’ EP Launch at Friars Court, a currently thriving venue in
Warrington holding live nights for bands to play each week.

The First band to take to the stage was a two piece band called ‘Kindest Of Thieves’ a local
Warrington band. There sound was very garage rock, something you could typically find from Jack
White and The Black Keys. The Frontman was extremely comfortable on stage, between each song
cheeky comments were thrown around and got an over exaggerated laugh from a fair few drunk
men at the front. There songs were similar to each other which the chord sequences and riffs
making the songs sound big even without the typical second guitarist and bass. The lyrics in each
of the songs were very good and quite funny at times with lyrics such as ‘When she was on top’.
Definitely something to sing along to. The standout track was one called ‘Virgin’. It was different to
the other tracks that had been played in the set and it stood out as different and it was super catchy.
The best overall part of the set was the jam that the band did at the end, with great drum fills and
riffs then leading into a classic song such as ‘Seven nation army’ it really got Friars going. Kindest of
thieves are a great live band and they got a great reaction from the crowd who seemingly approved.

Next on were a Manchester Band called ‘Modern Alarms’. This band had a more ambient
atmosphere about the songs and general set, they sounded great had some big songs with some
extremely dirty riffs and a big rock feel to it. They’re sound could be related to something of which
Kasabian could be held to. They were a really tight band and performed really well. Vocally the band
was strong with some great back harmonies adding to the songs.

Last was ‘The Phoenix Experiment’ the headlining band of the night. Least to say you had to expect
big things with the drummer having two snares, the guitarist using two amps. Because of this you
could probably them into several different genres but it was very psychedelic and Progressive rock
like. They instantly got off to a kick start with there songs really sounding big and the whole of friars
really taking interest in the band. The songs felt really filled out and the vocals were really catchy
and you could definitely see them at festivals. The melodies reminded me of the likes of Oasis. It’s
only fair to say they did themselves massive justice and shown that they meant business. Although
there wasn’t much interaction with the crowd the songs made up for that as each song just sounded
great and I can really see them getting far and playing bigger venues where there songs will sound
even better. The frontman’s vocals were really tight and they had a great tone to the overall sound.
They’re definitely something new and something that I’ve never really watched as a live band but
they were excellent. You can really tell that they’ve taken influences from many different aspects
of music and mixed it into one and that’s what makes them so unique but its still commercial at the
same time and can see them appealing to many.

It was a great night of live music and every band was great. So once again [WAM]pulled off another
spectacular showcase of bands. Friars also have to be given thumbs up as the whole mix of each
band was great and it’s a fantastic place for bands to play.

Sean Bailey

Kindest Of Thieves
Modern Alarms
The Phoenix Experiment

Photos from Friars Court Warrington Facebook page

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