Friars Live – Friars Court 1/2/13

Ilovecolour, Conquer Rio, Dan Solan

So Friars court has been having ‘Live events’ for just over a year now. They’ve had brilliant acts there
such as: Slydigs, The Ambersons, Black Delta Movement, Kindest Of Thieves
and also great DJ sets from the likes of Carl Barat. Friars has been getting increasingly popular and
the Live events with these great bands has flourished which has gave a great a chance to up and
coming bands to really have a place to come and show what they’ve got.

The night kicked off with ILoveColour a band from Huddersfield (but with members who used to live in Warrington). Least to say they gave a massive breath of fresh air to the night and Friars Court as a whole. They really brought something new with them, they’re sound was hard to pinpoint on a certain genre, but there’s no doubt there was a dirty post rock atmosphere about, and the addition of the trumpets and such just gave a great feeling to there songs. For me ‘Canaan’ was definitely a stand out song for the band, the bass lines we’re brilliant, and the melody really reminded me of something the black keys would be typically related to, the chorus’ although very simple were great to have a little sing along to which is what’s great about band which you may have never heard of, its very easy to feel involved and well have an almighty sing along.

Conquer Rio were the next to take to the stage at Friars, as a local band from Warrington they’ve
done well for themselves making some extremely catchy songs, the melodies being a big pinpoint on
each of there songs making it very very easy to have a little sway to yourself. There was no messing
about on stage as they stormed through there set, there was no awkwardness or any major silent
breaks in-between songs, it was clear they knew what they were doing. As a band there very tight
and the stand out songs were definitely there two singles ‘Down from Mars’ and ‘Superman Is Dead’.
Another cracking song from them was a song called ‘Float’ which just had an awesome vibe about
it, the chorus and bridge definitely made the song as it just made it feel like a song fit for festivals
and to have an almighty sing and dance along to. There’s no lying Conquer Rio have got better and
better, so keep your eye out for them.

Then came on Dan Solan, another local lad from Warrington with the band behind him were cracking. With the album ‘We didn’t kill anyone’  (reviewed here) being produced by the Mercury nominated producer Andy Ross, songs like ‘Hands On Another’ were beyond fantastic and everyone seemed to be enjoying it. The whole band was having fun and all the songs were pulled off brilliantly, and there was a real great atmosphere about each song. They’re sound was very easy on the ears with influences and sounds which could be recognised from the likes of Radiohead and melodies that could easily be in a Snow Patrol song, these are definitely a group of guys you want to be looking out for. I would more than definitely tell everybody to grab a chance to see these guys live whenever possible, and I generally believe with more promotion and a greater back catalogue of songs they could do extremely well.

Overall it was a great night and the music was brilliant, each band gave a great vibe to the event and
I for one really enjoyed it as every band gave it there all. There are many more great nights to be had
at Friars court with many more events, and many more bands.You should definitely check out each band. As you won’t be disappointed.

Sean Bailey

Ilovecolour (in black & White!)
Conquer Rio

Conquer Rio

Dan Solan