Mothership – Parr Hall – 14/9/12

Specs, Loor A Los Heroes, The Animus, New Relics & Sonnic Image

What better way to start live reviews here at [WAM] than a trip to the Parr Hall! Not since ‘The Big I Am’ has so many ‘adult’ Warrington bands been together on the bill on this stage.


Kicking off the night is solo singer/song writer, Specs. Responsibly for some of the catchiest pop ditties out of Warrington these past few years, tonight is no exception, playing brand new material from the recently released EEP ep.  Particular highlights included ‘I’ll Never Let Go’ & ‘Could Have Done More’ (coming next week as part of our Acoustic Series!). Whilst Steven (the ukukele) and his owner might have been dwarfed on such a big stage, Specs were a great warm up for the night ahead.

Next act up was Loor A Los Heroes , who were by far the youngest band of the night. However, they still put in a strong mature sounding set filled with a lot of foot stomping Indie Pop. First met this band in February when they played at Osale Rooms and playing this consistently will turn many heads with their mix of Mod meets Bombay Bicycle Club meets Arctic Monkeys. Despite being a last minute inclusion to the line up, they still had a group of people right to the front to the stage, two which had songs dedicated to them.

Currently down to a 4-piece, The Animus are a band that is all over the Warrington circuit. They have a clear Madchester sound and could have imagined the band supporting The Stone Roses when they played this very stage a few months back. Never a band that dedicates much effort to moving around the stage, they instead focus on solid tracks, with a keys player integral to the sound (the first one of the night). They treated the crowd to a new song and left the stage to them shouting for more!

By the time New Relics come on stage the Parr Hall has started to fill. Rising up from the ashes of local favourites, The Stocks, New Relics show off a more mature side to their tracks. Opening after a sampled intro, the band go into Mexico and Romance is a cracker. Blood, Sweat & Tears gets the biggest response, and it’s clear to see why. Taking time away from gigging and coming back with a new outlook and sound has had a positive effect on this band.

It is unfortunate that Sonnic Image come out to a muted crowd with many people having left already. With another band night in town, perhaps old habits die hard and the bars of Warrington prove too tempting. The band soldier on however, with lead Singer Mark Smith making full use of the stage space. The night should have been a crowning moment but whilst Sunshine (requested by the crowd) sounded good, the cover of Creep wa however a song that needs to be changed for something else (the originals a classic!).

Overall was expecting a few more people at the show, but with little or no promotion apart from on the day, it was expected. If the Venue being part of Warrington Cultural Trust, cuts the red tape to enable more of these shows to happen, it is essential they are supported by both the Bands & Fans or else they will be unlikely to continue.

Lee Harman


Loor A Los Heroes
The Animus
New Relics
Sonnic Image

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