The Phoenix Experiment – Black Knight Satellite [EP]

When The Phoenix Experiment came out of hiding with a unique 3 track EP released for free from [WAM] their fans went crazy, but what do we think of it?!

After 9 months working on new tracks and less than a handful of live performances, there was a big anticipation and expectations were high, afterall, The Phoenix Experiment was made up of members from previous powerhouse, The 66.

Describing themselves as being influences by a wide range of musical genres including psychedelic rock, electronica, blues, africana and industrial, pulled together by the esoteric themes of light and dark, acting as a constant theme through the music… it certainly sets the bar high!

A much more experimental sound is the theme throughout here, with the EP title track ‘Black Knight Satellite’, the perfect introduction to the experience you’re about to have over the next 14 minutes. The experience builds with Mike Bees’ ethereal vocals, whilst a much more rock and roll swagger takes over in track two (‘Living Like Dogs’), and it is here where the tempo speeds up and you are treated to some duelling drums & guitar. What you can be sure of, by now, the psychadelic sounds will have invaded your mind and if you haven’t already been nodding along to the music, ‘Chaos’ is the song you could play on repeat for hours. Live or on record, the band are something you need to experience!

Lee Harman

For Fans of: Kasabian, The Stone Roses

Download: All of them, they’re free!

(The thoughts of any reviewer is the sole opinion of themselves and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of [WAM])

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