The Ambersons – The Magnificent Ambersons [EP]


The Ambersons are a band that has been a staple of the Warrington music scene for many years, and ‘The Magnificent Ambersons EP’  actually arrives as the bands first ever CD! Fortunately [WAM] was given a copy in advance of release.

First impressions were it was a fantastic release and the feeling only grew on repeated listens.

The lead single ‘A Little Love’  marks the introduction to the EP and the press release sums up the track perfectly, “an uplifting kaleidoscope of 60s harmonies and magnificent song writing”. Opening boldly with a solitary guitar the band soon follows in the intro before falling away to allow the vocals of Ste Fairnington to really open up and show off his unique vocal talents! A simple song with a simple message, the band is happy not to not rush the song along and know when to add a few extras into the mix during the bridge section.

I’ve also been reliably informed the band are looking to film a Music Video for this song soon and cant wait to see what they come up with.

Love is a common theme in songs from The Ambersons, ‘The New Adventures of Superman’ is no exception. Superman, shows a vulnerable side with a novel song idea, it comes with one hell of a catchy chorus you will be singing/ humming along to for days. It is no surprise that the song has been added to the Q Music playlist alongside Robbie Williams and the Pet Shop Boys. Once again, the band has really thought what they want the song to sound like with a layer of effects and backing vocals perfectly fitting the song.

‘Mary Anne’  is quite possibly the first song I heard from The Ambersons (and even have the demo on my iPod still), and like all the other songs on the CD, it sounds fantastic. Drumming by Ric McLoughlin and a Harmonica complement each other giving the track an old fashioned sound, whereas the reprise sounds like a old record playing before tailing into something completely different.

Ending the EP on a song you can have a dance to, ‘A Beautiful Mistake’. A completely detour in style, with a intro on first listen you would never expect, the song has a clear 90’s sound with drum samples full of life. This is the track which shows The Ambersons can craft a fine Pop Song in any style, with the track sounding to this reviewer a mix between Hot Chip and the B-52’s! The track sounds like it could be a remix of its own, showing the wide range this band has.

These 4 songs were due to be part of a larger album, but the decision was made to make two smaller releases, owing to the variety of styles on show. Each track shows how far the boundary of experimental electronic-rock and even folk music can be taken and refined. And with a clear direction now in place for this band, we at [WAM] can’t wait to see what 2013 holds for ‘The Ambersons’.

In the meantime, you can find The Ambersons playing tonight (7th December) at Friars Court Warrington, at their official EP Launch show. The EP is out on iTunes from Monday 10th December.

For Fans of: The Beatles, Northern’ Indie
Download: A Little Love

Lee Harman

(The thoughts of any reviewer is the sole opinion of themselves and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of [WAM])

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