The God Complex – Audio Lubrication [EP]

The God Complex. They’re one of my favourite bands to gig with. I’ll leave you to find out why for yourselves. Here’s the EP.

‘Audio Lubrication’, It’s what it says on the tin really, juices up your listening holes all good ‘n’ proper before it penetrates your brain, dumping it’s musical load producing lots of little god complex babies in your brain that’ll keep appearing like musical acid flashbacks.

So, following on with the whole genital metaphor thing, the opening shout of “Sperm” of ‘Like A Glove’ sets the tone for the rest of the EP. That’s probably not a bad thing. I’m guessing another one based on Tom’s (the frontman) sexual experiences. A killer opening riff with Drop Db tuning, easy enough to pick up, you’ll find yourself jamming along to this one with your guitar later. Vocally, a ridiculously strong track, particularly the choruses, a churning, distorted vocal sound fits the grunge-y powerful guitars just as well as the near drum solo that just makes you want to break stuff. Sam’s guitar solo works perfectly, introducing Greg (rhythm guitar and backing vocals)’s vocal part capping the song off with vocal trade off to finish on a ridiculously beefy chord.

‘BNZ’ is bare feedback. Sampled from Red Fang’s track “Prehistoric Dog” shows that this is gonna be heavy as shit. The verse riff comes in a little funkier than expected (though funky’s not the word). An unexpected rhythmic trade off syncopating with the lead and rhythm guitars gives the track a great feel that you can really move to. Foot tapping is an uncontrollable side effect of this.The chorus’s snare roll pattern on the drums keeps that feel going making the track more solid and just that little bit darker, with the guitars still holding the curious, off beat pattern leading perfectly into a loud, distorted fury of a peak.

Tom’s vocals, particularly in the first verse, are stunning, alternating with easy from loud and quiet, distorted and clean styles with ease. Seeing them live, this shows great mic control and all the signs of a great singer. He’s a real vocal force to be reckoned with. The change in riff, stripping down to one single guitar and building the track from the ground up again is a little confusing at first, but after the second listen you really get a feel for how strong this can be (and is) live. I seem to recall this being a song about hating people.

‘Torn Tights Black Lights’, jokingly opened as a “song about Tom’s sexual experiences” at their 2nd gig at The White Hart’s open mic about 12 months previous, you can tell the joke was not that at all. This track is where the EP starts to fall down. This is a great track, but doesn’t fit the style we’d just been introduced with.

The chorus’s “ahh” vocal parts seem to continue a joke with the lyrical theme, almost feeling like the lyricist is laughing at himself while writing, trying to be lyrically subtle and implying things with lack of words. Or maybe it just sounded good? Good track, but not on this EP. Though Greg’s acoustic guitar work is stunning as per usual,

This is about somebody you really don’t like, but then you have sex with them and realise you kinda do like them” – Tom.

Not-hiding-anything lyricisms here on ‘(It’s) Boomtime’. Gotta love their honesty. My favourite on the EP,  the guitar riff is a massive change from the previous track, and really picks the record up. The way the instruments build up to form a massive wall of sound is brilliant. Mike’s drumming has been solid through the record but this has gotta be my favourite track for his work, holding a fast double time beat really keep the whole track moving. Greg and Tom’s vocals work well together, not even trying to be in time with each other adds to the DIY, stoner rock, grunge feel they have going. It is what it is, and you either like it or you don’t. The noise solo references an almost Cobain-esque time we seem to have lost in recent years and the end. Then coming back down to the same introduction and ending in an odd place really brings the track to a concluding “what the… why isn’t this longer?!”

‘Karma’, another Nice and pretty acoustic track and although Torn Tights’ quiet, acoustic feel is out of place, Karma closing the EP was a predictable but not at all an unacceptable move on the band’s part. Considered the lead single before the band went electric, this great tune is calming and ends the album on a calmer vibe.
Karma’s main focus is lyrical, well backed up by Greg’s acoustic work, and a not at all unexpected cameo from the infamous 
Kye Jones on bass guitar. Although at times, Tom goes a bit Phil Lynott on us, trying to cram as many syllables into a line as humanly possible, the choruses are more drawn out laying down for some wonderful harmonies.

Maybe I’m biased. I probably am, I’m a big fan.

You can listen to Audio Lubrication on the bands soundcloud here

For fans of: Queens Of The Stone Age, Nirvana

Download: Like A Glove (free on the [WAM] Festival Compilation here)

(The thoughts of any reviewer is the sole opinion of themselves and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of [WAM])

One thought on “The God Complex – Audio Lubrication [EP]

  1. Nu numai in cazurl in care l-ai prezentat tu razvan,sa fie barbat cu “jeep-an” sau muschi,pot fii mai multe tipuri decat iti imaginezi de la sensibili la cei care cred excesiv in fantastic,slabanogi…absolut orice fel.Conteaza ce vede el la o fata inalta,ce iubeste la ea,sentimentul de protectie,de maretie,ocrotire dat fiind faptul ca e inalta si inspira asta.O femeie inalta este o femeie rece la exterior si e usor de judecat dar pe dinauntru sunt femei calde.Multi oameni ajung sa ma iubeasca nespus de mult si am 1,90…is mai inalta ca toata lumea din juru meu si is iubita cu adevarat fie de fete sau baieti.asa ca lasati prejudecatile si numai fiti asa de superficiali!!! Noi fetele inalte meritam mai multa apreciere pt ceea ce suntem si mai ales ca nu avem nicio vina ca ne-am nascut cu acest dar minunat!!!!

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