Single Reviews: 2013

In July’s magazine we reviewed both  albums/EP’s and Singles. Below are the singles. All are available on iTunes and other Online stores unless otherwise stated.

Conquer Rio: Superman Is Dead

Combines the soothing soound of the verses with the immense power that takes you off your seat in the chorus. I wish I could say this formally, but I don’t think it would do it justice: that guitar solo was amazing. Anyone can play a lot of notes really fast (takes skill I admit) but few can make a guitar sing like this Piano has never been more excellently applied to a intro for this genre of music /@RealJoshBooth

Kim Jennett: Doll

Kim’s warm warbling immediately reminds me of that song from the VO5 advert showing off the “1940’s look” last year. She has that “cant-possibly-offend-you” south, which has brought old-style pseudo-country/folk singer-songwriters back into fashoon. The production is simple and effective & lets Jennett’s voice steal the show. I’ll admit that while I can’t give the song’s lyrical them my highest praise; some songs are just meant to sound nice – and this deal. /@scdradio

The Anecdotes: Origami Waves

Kicking off with a fairly catchy if slightly unsettling riff, the vocals kick in to provide some normality. However it’s not long before the frantic guitar playing returns, despite their intensity these guitar riffs in the verse still manage to compliment the vocal rather than overwhelm it. Enter the chorus, and the bass and drums drive this song along. /@JDNalton (bandcamp)

Cheap Cuts: Singing Along To A Song

My, what a soothing intro! This relaxed gentle song style continues throughout, but there is no doubt that this song has a dtrong thythm that I can only describe as funky. This is possibly the catchiest song I have heard from a unsigned band. For me, the things that make this song so fun to listen to are the drums, vocals (lead and backing) and the guitar and key solo’s. until this song, I had never listened to Cheap Cuts, and ‘Singing Along To A Song’ has made me glad I did. /@therealjoshbooth

White Rhino: The Electric Mafia

Showcases some real metal, old Led Zeppelin style guitar riffs with a grunge twice whilst still retaining their own fist-pumping style. If you were expecting complicated, random guitar solos and drumming, then you came to the wrong place. However, if you are looking for some well-written lyrics, raw vocals and a guitar-bass combo that makes you want to punch stuff, then look no further. /@therealjoshbooth (bandcamp)

Beat Of Your Blood: Exile Parade

Mixing influences from chill wave to Britpop and combining the best of British with a wide variety of different more experimental sounds, this track is definitely a breath of fresh air, Incorporating more texture with every new bar, the ambient ‘Gorillaz’ style rhythm, and harmonised vocals swaying over Lomax’s smooth leads will leave you with the track stuck in your head long after it finishes. /@adamh4rdman (bandcamp)

Bang Bang And My Bullet Was Gone: Slydigs

With such a happy sounding into that it’s hard not to smile, and nod along. The song takes occasional breaks to showcase some extraordinary vocals fit that brilliantly with the background percussion. Never really deviates from the exciting classic rock n’ roll sound. Every instrument, bass, lead guitar, everything is fast paced and makes your heart pound…that’s without mentioning the awesome solo! /@therealjoshbooth

Ignorance Is Easy: The Roughneck Riot

It’s hard to believe how fare this band have come in the 8 years since I witnessed their first shows. The band stand on their political soap-box, encouraging the listener to “question everything” they hear and see within a catchy celtic 3 minute number. A crowd favourite, this one should be yelled back at vocalist Matty Humphries vehemently, with a pint of Guinness in one hand, and an air-raised for the other. /@scdradio


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