EngineVein – Revenance [EP]

Revenance Enginevein

EngineVein have been around a while, quite a lot longer than most young bands have, but only in the last year or 2 have they really blossomed (for want of a better word) into what we’ve heard from their debut EP  ‘Revenance’.

I didn’t know what to expect, I’d only heard a handful of what these guys could do since earning themselves a management deal and changing their direction. So I waited, and so did many others to see how EngineVein were going to follow the form of ‘The Victor’ and ‘A Bridge Too Far’ into an extended release. I wasn’t disappointed.

The EP opener, and my personal favourite from the batch ‘Shedding Skin’ is the kind of track that slaps you into the corner and forces you to listen to their point whether you want to or not. The cry “Your voice” really marks the beginning of what ended up as a very special debut, with a guitar line reminiscent of The Ghost inside, there was not one boring moment in this song… but amidst all the onslaught, what I found most impressive was the usage of the piano arrangements, and vocalist Liam Cassyn’s clean vocals. Although not yet perfect, his usage of melody and complete switch in dynamic from the roars he is issuing otherwise is a really hypnotic section, especially following (a very impressive) breakdown #1 of the release.

Track number 2, ‘The Victor’  (pre released by the band) is an incredibly listen-able, exciting event on the album. Probably the strongest points of the song (As well as a tasty ass burger of a riff) are the breakdown sections, harmonic clean vocals and a vintage ‘foot on monitor’ guitar solo. As well as the cheeky little Taken reference, this song is about as heavy as the guys get without dumping on your coffee table during Christmas, both in Liam’s assault of the vocal line and the final breakdown of the track.

Although probably one of the weaker track on the album, ‘Outreached’ is EngineVein’s move into a more technical side. It takes a few listens to allow this song to grow, but once you hear the architects-esque communication between bass player Matthew Weaver and Drummer Alex Hutson, the track has a much more respectable, hypnotic effect on the mind.

Showing a much thrashier side of the band, ‘A Bridge Too Far’, really highlights the tightness of Alex’s double bass usage. It’s the catchiest on the album both in its anthemic chorus and Liam’s refrain of “Don’t turn your back on me//You f***ing B*tch”.
This really is the kind of song that a young budding metal head could experience his final conversion to.

With final track ‘Standards’, being a highlight, it is a great way to end the debut. Revenance is EngineVeins way of saying ‘We’re taking over’ with 20 + minutes of relentless energy and feeling, making this EP a very satisfying outcome and a promising beginning for the guys. With a heavy calendar of shows, they don’t look like they’re going anywhere other than forward at an increasingly rapid pace. Listen to this band.

‘Revenance’ is available from the LL & Pearl Big Cartel page and iTunes now.

Greg Dixon

For Fans of: Your Demise, While She Sleeps, The Ghost Inside

Download: The Victor


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