Tainted Memories – Out Of Our Hands [EP]

This young group of musicians have had a busy summer; runners up in a competition ran by Edge Recording Studios, they won time in the studio to record their Debut EP ‘Out Of Our Hands’.  Having seen this band develop their sound and identify this year and heard previous demo’s, I was really keen to hear the end product.

The first song on the EP is ‘Maybe I’m Wrong’, which opens with a familiar drum roll and we’re straight into Pop-Punk territory with the tracks group vocals and catchy chorus. The track manages to keep your attention with short sharp verses and keeps the tempo up, for all but a short section at the end where the song soon builds back up again. Released on in late September, via the band Youtube Channel, it was a good indication of the quality of the EP’s recording and the strengths of the band. You’ll also find this track on [WAM]’s first compilation track, so that’s good!

Next up is ‘For All The Wrong Reasons’, which is perhaps the strongest song on the EP lyrically. Whilst once again, it starts as a very upbeat track, it then opens up for Rory is really able to sum up the feelings everyone has when growing up and the lyrics/music builds into positive, feel good song.  The song just teases the heavier sound of the band before settling down for a thoughtful breakdown then towards the end.

Speaking of getting heavier, ‘Let’s Go Back’  is the not only considerably the shortest track on the EP, but the only one with a scream section. Now it was a surprise to hear it, but I can imagine in a live setting, this is the song that really sets everyone off. There is more to the track however, with a tight rhythm section keeping the song on track. The song also gives little flourishes for the other members to come to the fore.

‘Far From Close’ builds on a long intro and it is here where you can see the many shows and practise has paid off. Despite the bands age, they have worked hard to structure the song in a interesting way, showing the confidence to contrast the Verse/ Chorus structure and once again, let the lyrics really come out, especially during the verses. The song fades out, leaving you a taste of what to expect in the future.

Having met this band a few times in person, it is clear they are a passionate bunch and really dedicated and should be very proud of this EP. ‘Out Of Our Hands’  lays out the groundwork for Tainted Memories to develop further. They are also enjoying what they’re doing, which is a big help!

Tainted Memories are holding a release show for their EP at Thelwall Parish Hall, with local supports 7 Day Weekend, Imperium & Electric Mafia on Saturday 10th November. ‘Out Of Our Hands’ will be available on iTunes & Spotify from 10/11/12

For Fans of: All Time Low, Early You Me At Six

Download: Maybe I’m Wrong


Lee Harman

(The thoughts of any reviewer is the sole opinion of themselves and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of [WAM])

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