7 Day Weekend – The Day We Lived And Died [EP]


‘The Day We Lived And Died’ (TDWLD) is the 2nd EP from alternative band, 7 Day Weekend, who were one of the breakout bands of 2012 of the Warrington Music scene, with a support slot for FEEDER under their belt, and two national tours.

The EP comes almost 12 months to the day since the last music released by the band (the single, ‘Endless Doses’) and so comes with a lot of anticipation and intrigue as to how the band is looking to develop their sound. With so long spent away, some wondered if the band be able to recapture the attention of the fans they had. With 6 tracks (including the short instrumental intro track), the band haven’t disappointed and have returned with a more mature sound, whilst Calan Nickle displays a stronger voice and maintains his wordplay. It is also arguably a darker EP where songs such as ‘Seasons Likes these‘ are long gone!

Track two is ‘At Peace’ which was released recently on Youtube in anticipation for the EP dropping on in June and displays 7 Day Weekend at their best, the band have always been confident in slowing the tracks during the verses for a rousing and fast paced chorus that sticks in your head and it is no different here, the breaks really let drummer John Handy shine with some nice drum fills.

‘Circumstances’ is a no holds barred attack of words by vocalist Calan and is driven by the lyrics, it is fitting that it is also the heaviest of the tracks. Circumstances is reminiscent of ‘Bite My Tongue’ (You Me At Six) in that it also features the screams of another rising star, Liam Cassyn of Enginevein in the breakdown to give some real steel to the track. ‘Endless Doses’ is one of two tracks here that were part of the bands live set last year. Whilst re-recorded by Elliott Middleton, the song remains pretty much the same as the single releases which was our first glimpse of the maturing song writing and heavier sound than what was on the bands debut EP.

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One of Those Nights’, is definitely my favourite track of the record and is certainly going to be the one to get people moving at the shows. The introduction starts with a solitary guitar building into a wall of sound from the whole band you’re not quite sure to dance to or get in a moshpit for, before dropping back to Dan Hancox’s simple yet effective bassline in the verses. And that is where the band is at their best with a sound that reminds me of The Blackout, the rousing chorus is something you’ll find yourself singing without realising.

Final track of the EP is ‘Only The Strong’ which has had the benefit of time to develop into one of the strongest tracks of the band. Credit has to go to lead Guitarist, Tom Hancox for his contribution and the song benefits from the attention to detail with the backing vocals in Chorus and in the quiet parts with electronic samples keeping the song interesting, even when slowed down to a near stop.

In TDWLD, 7 Day Weekend have returned with a very solid collection of songs which stick in your head and are bound to come mainstays of their live show. Technically, the band have developed as expected since the self titled EP and play to their strengths throughout.
If you haven’t had chance to check out this band live, make sure you do. With such a long break, they’re going to be eager to reclaim their place on the top table.

The Day We Lived And Died is released on iTunes on Sunday 9th June

For fans of: Lower Than Atlantis, Mallory Knox

Download: One Of Those Nights, Only The Strong.


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