[WAM] Magazine: The K’s Cover Story

The K's at The Griffin, Earlestown
The K’s. Shot by Jon Lingwood for [WAM]

The K’s are on fire.

It’s something you’re guaranteed to hear at any show where the Earlestown Indie quartet are playing, but having made their mark at Neighbourhood and selling out Manchester Academy 2 in January, how far can they go?

Formed in 2017 by childhood friends Jamie Boyle (vocals & guitar) and Dexter Baker (Bass) they would soon be joined by Ryan Breslin (guitar) and then Jordan Holden (drums) in 2018.

The band have conquered every target they have set out for themselves and after having one of the biggest crowds over on the Viola Beach stage at Neighbourhood Weekender
this year despite an early afternoon stage time, they were a group on everyone’s lips.

For guitarist Ryan it was a moment to remember: “It was quality wasn’t it! I think we always knew we’d have a good turn out, but I don’t think anyone was expecting that.

The numbers were unbelievable, probably the most we’ve ever played to!”
– Ryan Breslin

2019 is set to be a memorable year for The K’s because not only did they make their national television debut on Soccer AM but they flew over to Croatia and Serbia
to play their first European Festivals (InMusic and EXIT Festival respectively) amongst a ton of UK dates.

There to guide them will be none other than the man who ‘discovered’ Oasis, Alan McGee. Signing to his Creation23 label in April, the band were soon heading down to London to record their next single ‘Aurora’ and the B-Side which is on course for release in September.

Speaking exclusively to [WAM], front man Jamie explained it was an easy decision in the end: “We had a few people interested but his record obviously speaks for itself and when we got talking we all had the exact same ideas of where we need to be and what direction to be going in. It’s a dream team”.

Signing with Creation 23 label owners Alan Mcgee and Simon Fletcher back in April.
Signing with Creation 23 label owners Alan Mcgee and Simon Fletcher back in April.

Conscious that their energy on stage is one of their biggest strengths they are determined to translate this to their next singles. “Alan has helped us get our live sound down on record. I think most would agree that we’re definitely at our best when playing
live but we were yet to reciprocate that on record.. but on the newest single, we’ve absolutely nailed it.
If we do say so ourselves”.

Balancing music around their day jobs, the band might be humble but with over 1.4 million streams of their first three singles (over a million and counting for their huge debut single ‘Sarajevo’), prove they have a knack for writing a song and there is always a travelling army of fans who follow them wherever they play to sing the words back to them.

A strong hometown crowd is vital to upcoming artists and they benefit from big support network in Newton-Le-Willows. “We’re proud to be from here” says Jamie.

“Everywhere we go when we’re home people are always asking us how everything’s going and what we’ve got coming up”.

Ahead of the bands arrival and as we were setting things up for our cover photo shoot at The Griffin on Earle St, one of the market town’s many pubs, regulars were keen to tell us about the first time they watched the band as they cut their teeth playing pubs and clubs in the area and how proud that some of their own are doing so well.

“We are just enjoying the ride and believe in what we do and people are jumping on it with us, which is great. It’s stepping up all the time, and we are taking it in our stride as it comes really, the buzz is catching fire and we’re in it for the long haul!”

We asked the band what they would consider to be a “success” for The K’s
and what would be a failure. Keeping things casual Jamie exclaimed “Where do you start!
It means all different things to different people!

I think a success would be making it onto The Simpsons. I’d be happy
with that. A failure would be not making it on the show”.

Rivfest returns in 2019

After conquering Manchester, Europe is next and after that anything is possible, they are proof that things can grow in the huge shadows of two of the biggest music scenes in the north west.

Viva La K’s, you ain’t seen nothing yet world.

• Written by Lee Harman /  Photos by Jon Lingwood.

Find the band at Kendal Calling and Y Not Music Festivals (both 25-28th July)
The K’s headline Rivfest in Warrington on Saturday 28th September.
Tickets on sale now here.

The band have also announced they will be launching their next single ‘Aurora’ at Live Bar in Warrington. Find out more about that here.

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