[WAM] Magazine: Introducing Scratch

Millennial Mashup Trio Scratch who been one of the standout new artists to emerge in 2018.

They’re certainly not your stereotypical acoustic performer…

Jonjo, Em & Joe  Photo by Paul Jackson

“We aim to be a living-breathing mix tape” says singer Em, who formed Scratch originally as a duo with Joe (Guitar) in Dec. 2017 after Em’s & Joe’s old groups split up (Symbiont & Vala respectively). They’d go on to have their first gig as Scratch just three weeks later.

Setting them apart is Joe’s loop-pedal usage to layer up reinterpretations of 90’s dance tracks amongst their repertoire, after a Mr Smiths Medley became popular with audiences.

With Jonjo (Saxophone) joining in March 2018, it gave Scratch the opportunity to be more adventurous with their dynamics. With some “remixes” taking hours, and others taking weeks to come together, it often starts with a long-list of track suggestions, and working out what flows well with that track and experimenting, often ending up with something completely different by the end of it.

Referred to as ‘Scratchlings’, the trio have in the past reached out to fans for ideas on what they’d like to hear in the sets (Genie in the Bottle, yes. Zombie, no).
Joe says: “It is always good to see new audiences react to us when they see us get up on stage with “Grandpa instruments”, expecting traditional laid back music”.

Indeed the groups performance at [WAM]’s Acoustic Event in May in the Bus Interchange helped them reach new people, many stopping on their way to work or on way into the town centre to watch them, hundreds viewed videos from their set in the days afterwards.

As well as regular monthly nights across Warrington, the trio were invited to perform in Sheffield as part of The Big Issue North’s tour and have already performed at their first wedding in October, creating a completely unique version of the song chosen for the first dance. “It’s people our age that are now the ones getting married and they want music from the nineties be that Dance or Justin Timberlake that people have forgotten about. So we’re punching them square with nostalgia”.

Busy in the recording studio with the aim of having CDs to sell at future events & almost all Saturdays and many Fridays already booked up at the time of printing, it has allowed all the members to quit their day jobs and pursue something they love full time. Em says: “At the moment we’re all happy in in ourselves and can enjoy what we do. People often ask whether we want to be famous: “I’m like no I just want to do this every day, for the rest of my life”.

– Lee Harman

Find all their shows at scratchtrio.com

This interview was originally featured in the launch issue of [WAM] Magazine in January 2019. Read more from of the magazine online here
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