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Man & The Echo

Much has changed since the debut album for Man & The Echo was released in 2016 on 1965 Records. The 11 tracks condensed Modern Britain through a prism of wry observations, humour and often a not so subtle barb at those responsible for its faults.

With Brexit fast approaching and a TV star in the White House, we asked singer and guitarist Gaz Roberts what sort of impact this had made on the forthcoming album:

“It’s certainly not a collection of protest songs or a call to arms. I don’t have the answers, I can just see the mess, so [the album] is about that and the people who got us into it.”

After a headlining appearance at the Parr Hall (“gorgeous venue”) for Independent Music Week in March 2018, the band have been busy recording an album with support from Arts Council England.

With final mixing sessions completed before Christmas, it has been a challenging time for the band but has enabled the four-piece to exert full control on the process, “lots of waiting around, sending in funding applications one after the other, “It has taken a long time, I think it’s going to be worth the wait.”

Reflecting on the past two years since the album was released and going on to play across the UK, they emerge with new management and are extremely happy to get back out on the road.

A tour supporting ‘She Drew The Gun’ in February/March sets themselves up nicely for a tour finale in Warrington for [WAM] Festival and will be a nice return to the venue for members of the band who used to put on nights there. “I miss DJ’ing [at WA1] sometimes, or rather, I miss putting a compilation on and playing pool for 4 hours”.

Every new album cycle needs new promo shots and the band turned to Michael Kirkham of ‘Urban Goals’ on Twitter.

Man & The Echo A Capable ManClick here to see what we think of the brand new single ‘A Capable Man’

Bassist Joe Forshaw (known as ‘Fush’) say they’ve been a fan of his for a while and feel it was in keeping with the theme of the album. What should be expect from their live shows in 2019 then? “New songs and possibly a raffle”.

In these uncertain times, we may need Man & The Echo more than ever. –

Find out more about Man & The Echo on their website.

Find Man & The Echo playing at The Auction Rooms on March 9th. Support comes from The Bid and Pink Shirts For Pale People.

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