FEATURE: Happy Mondays – Town Mad For Mondays?

Happy Mondays

You’re Twisting my Melon Man! The Happy Mondays were recently the subject of a Poll on the Warrington Guardian Website, 56% said they had never heard of the band. However 30% said ‘Yes, count me in’! So what can we expect from the Friday Night headliners?

The Happy Mondays have followed a path where many others have been in recent years by reforming for an “anniversary” tour. and will include a show at the Warrington Music Festival on 19th July. This show will give many a chance to see and to re-live, what can be described as one of the North-West’s most iconic bands and one that helped to define an era in British music.

Some might call it profiteering on the back of previous outings by other iconic bands, such as the Stone Roses’ highly successful reformation.

I’ll be honest; I was never really a fan of the Happy Mondays, mainly because:
1. I wasn’t old enough to be part of the acid house culture of the time;
2. I never really appreciated Shaun Ryder’s vocal technique or their lack of any real musicianship and versatility.

However, like many other northern, indie-loving lads in their thirties, I have been exposed to them quite a lot, mainly because songs like “Step On” or “24 Hour Party People” are a staple of an indie night out, played just at that point when you know it’s going to be a good night. The reason for that is because these are actually really good songs and fit for purpose: to drink, dance and enjoy yourself. On those occasions vocal technique, musicianship and \versatility don’t count one bit!

You can’t forget that this band helped define an era when Manchester music came out and said “I don’t give a f**k!”, which helped bring dance culture to the masses and which gave otherwise disenfranchised lads from Salford a chance to rattle the cages of the music industry. For further vindication, “Bummed” was placed at number 18 in Q Magazine’s Top 40 Albums of the Eighties and their follow-up “Pills ‘n’ Thrills and Bellyaches” placed at number 31 in its list of the best 100 Greatest British Albums Ever.

In summary, for all their failings, bitter public fallouts don’t let anyone tell you these guys
don’t deserve their last waltz and their fan’s last chance to re-live what for many was their golden era of music.

Ian Pollard

Tickets were available from 10am on July

2 thoughts on “FEATURE: Happy Mondays – Town Mad For Mondays?

  1. To say the mondays lacks any musicianship you really dont know much my friend, I play technical stuff like dream theater & tool all the time and can tell you some of the mondays stuff is very creative and out there. Granted Shaun’s vocals are lacklustre and bare, but lyric wise he is very tech.

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