FEATURE: The Housecat & Ben (The Ambersons)


The housecat may not be a typical inspiration when it comes to song writing but for Ben Ashton, song writer and guitarist for The Ambersons, it came during a particular purple patch of writing 4 years ago…

Since then, The Ambersons have made a name for themselves over the past 3 years with their brand of catchy pop tracks that has captivated audiences across the north west. Not being one for standard band conventions (you wont find ‘the ambo’s stood against a wall for photoshoots), the housecat is a story based on his cat (Tina), with inspiration coming when she jumped across the keyboard
during a time when management interest were looking for a new song every few days.

Describing the song as a nice little metaphor, it is just one of the 300 songs Ben said he has wrote, which means the band has a extensive repertoire of songs to choose from. Towards the end of 2012, and with the help of a variety of ‘genuine, honest people’ the band came out of the recording process with 14 songs, 4 of which made the Debut EP, ‘The Magnificent Ambersons’.

The original plan was to release all the songs as a album, inspired by Smashing Pumpkins & the ‘Mellon Collie’ Album, there is a varying style, to all the tracks, with the likes of ‘A Beautiful Mistake’ being distinct in sound,but possibly unplayable live due to the level of effects and Layers, it does however make it onto the EP as the last track.

Ben was very happy to say that the debut EP released in December 2012 is however doing fantastically well in Europe & America, with ‘A
Little Love’ doing very well in Sweden of all places! As someone who has done it all, I wasn’t able to press Ben for an answer on what is next for the band, it’s fair to say they will have ideas for their set supporting the Happy Mondays this month.

I was however lucky enough to hear ‘Hold On’, a possible new single never before heard recorded, which started all thelabel attention back before the band existed (“old manager hated it, labels loved it, so one had to go!”). It is only recently the song has made it into the live set after a long time of the track being ‘not quite right’!

As for Tina, perhaps anticipating the single release and in an act of Feline Defiance, she has started to spend a lot more time outside. I suppose just like a Live Ambersons show, you can’t predict the unpredictable!

The Housecat is available for free download from now from WArringtonMusic.bandcamp.com

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