REVIEW: Head – Warrington

Edit: Head Warrington is now closed


Like a small child waking up at 5am on Christmas morning, a hung-over, unwashed teenager awoke at 12pm on the day of ‘Head’ Store‘s grand opening, conned his parents out of some cash, and worked his way into town.

At first, I didn’t know what to expect, seeing advertisements for the past few weeks reading “CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Vinyl” I expected what HMV had to offer before it closed, too many games, a pathetic CD collection, and for “vinyl” a Beatles’ 45, maybe two if you were lucky.

My God, was I impressed. I walked into the store shaking, instantly confronted with a Nirvana singles collection box set, the only album of theirs I didn’t own. After a fleeting glance through the DVD/Game section, I headed to where (as a thirteen year old) I used to meet my friends, in the infamous Metal CD section. The late teen in me caught eye of the boxes upon boxes of vinyl and I instantly fell in love with the store. Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, Miles Davis, Nirvana, Radiohead. New pressings, second hand original editions, I was taken aback. It was a beautiful sight of black vinyl, my eyes turning at 33 1/3 rpm and shaking with excitement. I picked up a copy of Miles Davis’ “Kind of Blue” and staggered in a near-drunken haze over to the counter, just in awe of the wonderful LP I had just laid my hands on.

Just as brilliant as wondering into this reformed HMV, a musical haven that sells records and CDs for the physical music buyer, not the current digital generation, was seeing the familiar faces man the HMV tills that I so fondly remember buying my first record from (Master of Puppets, for anyone who cares). Literally shaking with excitement, I could barely muster a “thank you, this is the first record I’ve gone out and bought” to Lisa, who I only vaguely remember when she booked my band –The Electric Mafia… there we go, that’s the shameless self-promotion that had to be included- walking out of the shop, holding a wonderful vinyl sized bag as a badge of honour, parading around town for the next half an hour just in awe, unable for my feeble, hormone fuelled brain to comprehend what I’d just bought.


Safe to say, going home I quickly liked their facebook page, subscribed to their updates so I knew all about the current offers, signings and general goings on about the store, I heard that they are putting up gig posters at the back of the store with vinyls, a move that makes me just want to hug whoever came up with that idea. Marketing gigs to music fans is something that HMV just ignored, another sign that this shop follows a near communist “By the people, for the people”-esque regime. The stock reflects that too, albums aimed at music fans, rather than 12 year olds buying “now that’s what I call music” on CD every quarter.


Also on the cards is a potential stocking of local artists albums, a move I’d greatly back, not just for my own personal gain, but purely because of the brilliant quality of local acts that deserve to have their records on the shelves. Hopefully, this could even extend to gig tickets or other merchandise items in the future.

All in all, it’s just a, really wonderful store. (Read the last line to the tune of “Another brick in the wall (Part 2)” for desired effect)

Also worth noting, it’s only been open for, what 4 days, as of 18/09/13, so it can only get better. I expect great things from this store, along with my wallet losing more weight than a “Biggest loser” competitor.

Thanks, Head!

Nathan Berwick.

‘Like’ Head – Warrington’s facebook page by clicking here.

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