Introducing: The Electric Mafia…by The Electric Mafia

The Electric Mafia

The Electric Mafia are a four piece, hard rock/alternative band from Warrington, writing original music in a distinct and unique style. Since their Debut EP release on March 1st (available here) the band have grown from strength to strength, beginning to write their second EP, due for release later in the year, and booking many local and out-of-town gigs off the back of their hair raising performances at their gigs in Warrington.

Since the beginning, the band shared a vision. Noticing a dip in the quantity and quality of modern rock music, The Electric Mafia set out to fill in the gaps. With a lineup combining a blues/slide playing rhythm guitarist, a funk inspired drummer, an alt rock puritan of a lead guitarist and a Front man delving simultaneously into Hard Rock and Folk; ‘The Electric Mafia’ definitely has a large tonal palate from which to grow their sound. Their deep roots in hard rock, but with branches to many other genres give the band a unique sound, and this supports their musical knowledge and songcraft. Imagine if Soundgarden, Foo Fighters and Pearl Jam had a three way this would be the ungodly mutant mess of an offspring.

Each track written by ‘The Electric Mafia’ –as you’ll hear from the EP – has its own style and influence, but is all underpinned by the band’s unique sound and musical dialect. ‘Madison’ goes back to 70s/80s Classic Rock; ‘Antifreeze’ is drawn from Alternative Rock and ‘Barnburner’ sets its roots heavily in funk and groove. Having a wide range of influence is important for the band as it allows greater expression and the ability to introduce an audience to things they wouldn’t normally expect to hear.

Being part of the band really means a lot to me, and it’s as if by chance that it happened. I still remember being sat on the doorstep of the drummer’s house before our first rehearsal (he forgot about having practice) with some weird long haired guy that I didn’t really know, joining some new three piece (we were still to get our rhythm guitarist) of people from a different high school that I didn’t know. It was weird to feel like I’d been recruited for a band, rather than being part of a “Hey, you’re my friend. Why don’t you jam?” group. From the first rehearsal I could tell there was something different about this band. Straight away, we were writing songs and just making that kind of noise that was a little easier on the ears than previous schoolboy projects.
That first rehearsal even inspired the title of Madison, as we found a tiny kitten with a really loud meow, I said “I’m gonna call it Madison”… so yeah, that’s the story behind the title. Cool, huh?

Over the next year we hope to playing busier and busier venues and getting our music to as many different audiences as we can. We’re currently writing more and more songs and expect to begin recording a full length album over the next 12 months or so which will feature rerecorded tracks from the debut EP, perhaps a cover or two and some of the newer originals recently debuted at the Hop Pole’s bank holiday music festival on March 30th and played recently at The Venue (Asylum Clubnight) on April 26th.  The basic aim of the band is to share its music with anybody who could possibly enjoy it. We feel that we have something a little different to offer for people to enjoy and we think the best way to present this to people is to gig as often as possible in as many different venues as possible.

But really, when it comes down to it, it shouldn’t matter what we write here. The music should speak for itself, so check out our EP or show your face at one of our gigs!
Make sure to say hi, too! We’d love to know what you think of our live set and the EP! We don’t bite.

Nathan Berwick

(The thoughts of any writer is the sole opinion of themselves and does not necessarily reflect the opinion of [WAM])

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