INTERVIEW: Slydigs (Warrington Music Festival)

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Slydigs are a 4 piece ‘Rock & Roll’ band from Warrington. We only recently interviewed the band (read that interview here). But we thought it would be good to get their views from our [WAM] Magazine cover stars on how the Festival has changed and what we can expect from their performance!

[WAM]: Congratulations on being Saturday’s headliners, how does it feel to be asked? Honoured?

Dean (Vocals/Guitar): very much so, we haven’t played the Warrington festival for a good few years. I think we’re ready to headline though we have come along way and we’re certainly honoured to play in our home town on such a great event. Big thanks to Steve Oates for that one!

Louis (Guitar):Yeah, it feels great to be asked to headline the festival on Saturday! Its a real Privilege to play our hometown!
It will be good to play a big gig In front of our local fans who don’t get a chance to come and see us when we play further a field and its also a great chance to pick up new fans who wouldn’t normally attend our gigs.

[WAM]: It’s been a while since you last played the Festival, tell us about your first/last appearances? Do you think there will be an added pressure to perform as headliners?

Louis: I think the last time we played it was a very different festival it seems to have become a lot more grand in recent years with a better setup and I think the same can be said about Slydigs, we have been honing our musicianship and performance over the last few years and if there’s anyone out there living under a rock who hasn’t heard of us since our last appearance I think they will find it hard to believe that we are the same band. As for the pressure of headlining I would say its more excitement and anticipation. We just can’t wait to get on that stage and show everyone what we do best

Dean: well I have to be straight with you on this. Think we must of played it in 2008 or something but after that we were pretty much banned from playing in the Warrington area, certainly festivals anyway. I’ll not get into it but it had something to do with us being a little enthusiastic on the parting side. pissed a few people off, long story. But we’re back now headlining so stick that in your pipe! ‘There’s definitely a little bit of pressure with that in mind but its all healthy, all good. Keeps us on our feet.

[WAM]: We have only just entered into the month of July, do you have plans yet for your set to make it extra special?

Dean:We will be having a few guest joining us for sure, maybe performing one or two new tracks we have been working on but you will have to wait and see. It’s a great build up to our show the week after on the 27th July in Warringtons Friars Court festival supporting a band called Catfish and The Bottlemen which will be a stormer also. I think the Warrington scene is back up and running for the time being, there’s a lot of good bands hanging around now.

Louis:We always strive to make every gig we play special and we always put our heart and soul into every performance but there’s no doubt that this one will be extra special event for us. We have got some surprises planned but they wouldn’t be surprises if we told you now would they?

[WAM]: For those reading, why should they come to see you playing?

Louis: Well to put it simply If they come to see us i think they will enjoy it. If you like rock and roll then you can’t go wrong, if you don’t like rock and roll then save £3.50 and go and do the Harlem shake in 53 degrees or what ever it is they do in there. If you stick around to see the set then we promise to blow your socks off!

Dean: Because we are the best at what we do. It’s what’s missing in the music industry and its what’s missing in your life haha don your best clothes, polish your shoes and see us down the front. We aim to impress and that’s all there is to it. We play a unique brand of Rock n Roll and the best way to experience it is down at the front with the rest of our fans. Our music speaks for itself really so you can check us out on our website if you haven’t already

[WAM]: Who else are you looking forward to playing during the weekend? Will you be getting tickets for the Happy Mondays?

Dean: yeah, I’ll be be watching the Mondays I think. I seen them a few years ago in the GMEX in Manchester and they were great, although they had loads of kids on the stage near the end which was a bit weird, not sure what that was all about. Their a great band though, I like Sean Ryder, their music has stood the test. The pressures on to match them I think. We’ll smash it though.

I’ll be watching The Phoenix Experiment as well, think their on before us, we have a mutual friend/session player in the form of Paul Glover, the mans a music slut and we love him! Exile Parade and China White, they’re both very good live. I caught The Kindest Of Thieves playing in Friars Court a few months ago, they sounded good so I’d like to see them again, I like their vibe. Also a young band called Stillia. We had them supporting us a while ago so would be good see how they have come on, they were on the right track last time I saw them.

Louis: Yer all the bands that dean said really! It’s good to see a wide spectrum of music throughout the line up on Saturday. Warrington has always had a great Musical heritage and I’ve no doubt that some of the bands on that stage will go on to bigger and better things. Bring on the 20th!!!

Debut Album ‘Never To Be Tamed’ is available on iTunes & Spotify now and will be reviewed in the [WAM] Magazine.

Interview by Lee Harman

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