INTERVIEW: Slydigs (19/5/13)


Slydigs are a 4 piece ‘Rock & Roll’ band from Warrington. Since their debut album came out in September to rave reviews, the band have been traveling across the country to support the release. The bands origin goes back to 2006 when Dean & Louis decided to start a band together, but this year is promising to be bands best yet! We caught up with them on the last date of their Spring tour.

[WAM]: Guys, pleasure to see you play again in Warrington (at The Cotton Mill), last time we saw you, you played for [WAM] late November, what you been up to since?
Dean Fairhurst (Vocals/ Guitar)- We recently finished a tour of the UK, which was great. Good to finally get out there playing to the people. We’re a live band through and through. That’s what we dig most and the reception was immense. We’ve also been working on some new material which is sounding like some of the best work yet. Most of the first album was written by me, now me and Louis have begun collaborating more. It just gives that other dimensions to our music.

Louis Menguy (Lead Guitar) – We like to think of ourselves as a band that is always progressing so when we are not gigging we are constantly writing and working on new tunes, it really feels in the past couple of months that we have come into our own especially with the songs we are producing. The recent collaborations between me and dean has definitely added to the excitement of working on new material and I think that really comes through in the finished songs.

You have recently finished your ‘Never to be Tamed Tour’, which took in dates across England, how did that go?
Louis – The response from fans at gigs is always amazing and when we meet people who are as passionate about our music as we are it really drives us to carry on creating and performing music to the best of our ability. We put our all in to every performance and will carry on doing so.

You had a bit of van trouble on the way to Aberdeen which meant you were unable to play that date, as a band, how do you feel when you have to pull out of a show for whatever reason, what thoughts go through your head?
Louis – It was gutting not being able to make it to Aberdeen because it was a gig we were really excited about but unfortunately as any other working band knows sometimes you’re faced with situations that are beyond your control. All you can do in those situations is make sure that you can make it up to the fans at a later date and not let it dampen your spirits.

Dean- It was one of those things and obviously missing any show is something that we never want to do, but those things happen. We make it up the best way we can- re schedule and smash it next time we play there.

I presume you have plans to return to Aberdeen in the future?
Dean- Yeah, definitely. We are looking to tour again in October, November time so it’s on the cards to get one up there!

Louis-  We will make sure we go there and blow everyone away. Can’t wait!

As a band that’s done a few tours of their own now, do you think you’re more prepared for the rigors of touring and what’s required?
Dean- (haha) yeah! I think when you’re a band touring for the first time or a band touring for the hundredth, you need the discipline to keep yourself away from the party every night. We perfected our partying skills years ago; we focus on making sure the shows the best it can be.

Louis – Yes I think we will always be prepared for anything touring will throw at us because at the end of the day we are following our dreams and playing our music to fans, is a big part of that. We know it’s not going to be easy and sometimes things can go wrong but if you have the determination and belief to work hard for something you love, the hard times are always overshadowed by the sense of achievement when things go well.

In the interest of serious journalism then, who takes the longest to get ready on tour? Is there a practical joker on tour?
Dean- (Haha) we all take pretty God damn long to get ready. You’ve got to look right though, haven’t you? No point going on stage looking like Step Toe and Son or in fact Mumford and sons. There’s not really a practical joker in our band I don’t think,  we just have an absurd sense of humour that usually consists of ridiculous situations that we get ourselves into. Either that or Ben (Breslin, Bass) will get a saying wrong like the time he thought ‘Tie the knot’ meant separation. “That band’ just tied the knot haven’t they?” What? Yeah, yeah that bands splitting up. Ok then mate. It’s like that part in Anchorman where Ron Burgundy hears the phrase ‘when in Rome’ and he keeps using it in the wrong scenario. He just makes me laugh my bollocks off.

Louis – It’s important to not take yourselves too seriously when you’re in a band. OK be professional when it comes to your work ethic but if you can’t laugh at yourself or have the piss ripped out off you then I think you’re in the wrong game. It would be impossible to survive in this band if you didn’t have a good sense of humour anyway.

The debut album, ‘Never to Be Tamed’ was released in September 2012 on Flicknife records, how did that come to be?
Dean- Well we had spoken with Flicknife later 2011 and the interest was there. It was a pretty short turn around. We released the album pretty quick, and had the contracts boxed off before September came.

Louis – It was a great opportunity to get our music heard and to get touring. I’d say every artist would love their music to be heard and through Flicknife we were able to get our tunes out there

Track 11 (‘Electric Love) was actually released as a single with a Music Video back in October 2010, were any tracks wrote especially for the album, or was it a case of taking into the studio what you had already?
Dean- Yeah, we thought it would be rude not to put that on there really. It was still our biggest track to date and we didn’t think it had its chance to shine. But tracks like ‘Bang, Bang’, ‘Ain’t No Place’, ‘I Can’t Wait Forever’ and ‘The Love That Keeps on Giving’ were written for the Album.

You have recently released ‘Bang Bang and my Bullet Was Gone’ as a single with a video that was filmed at the Ritz in Manchester, is that the last single from the debut Album and have you started on a follow up yet?
Dean- I think you will have to wait and see on that one. But possibly looking at a release around September time.

Aside from future recording, what else does the near future hold for Slydigs
Dean- Certainly another few tours of the UK this year and hopefully over to Europe. And definitely more Guerrilla gigs!

Louis- Onwards and upwards! We are aiming high and we have no doubt that we will achieve what we set out to.

Peter Fleming in the back of the van during one of their Guerilla Shows

The series of Guerrilla shows saw you setting up out the back of a van, playing and leaving. Where did the idea for this come about and did you get good feedback from them?
Dean- The guerrilla gigs idea is something I’ve always liked and wanted to do. But I can’t take the credit for it. It definitely got us noticed. I think music itself has that aroma of spontaneity about it, certainly in the creation period. We did it mainly for the buzz of just turning up out of nowhere and giving the public a burst of what we’re about. What was good about it was that we picked up a number of fans that wouldn’t necessarily go to a live gig. We had a little team of about 6 or 7 helping us so that helped getting in there and getting out, like a flash! I watched a documentary not too long ago where the white stripes did a number of guerrilla gigs before their shows in Canada, but they were a bit more extravagant like on the back of a boat near the harbour. It’s definitely something to think about for the future. Maybe it’s just another form of street art. We will try and out do what’s been done before though!

Finally, if you could give an upcoming band any advice, what would it be?
Louis- Always strive to perfect your art (song writing/performing). When it comes to the crunch it will always come down to your music so make sure it’s real and the best it can possibly be!

Dean- Keep writing, only tour when you’re ready and don’t be scared to retain your integrity when dealing with the music industry (haha). Focus on the music, the success will follow.
Thanks guys!

Debut Album ‘Never To Be Tamed’ is available on iTunes & Spotify now.

Interview by Lee Harman

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