INTERVIEW: Blitz Kids (Jono Yates 22/9/13)


Blitz Kids are having a busy summer, not content with playing some of the major rock festivals in the UK (Radstock, Slam Dunk & Download!),
the band originating from Nantwich are coming to the end of their headlining ‘Weekend Warriors’ tour, taking the band to some new places including

We were fortunate to grab a few words with Blitz Kids Guitarist, Jono Yates about life on the road and being in a band from somewhere in the shadows of larger music communities.

[WAM]: The band is originally from Crewe and Nantwich which both have similarities to Warrington, being a small town with big city scenes nearby; what was it like starting off as a band there, and what challenges did you have?
Jono: Paying for petrol money, and actually having to sell tickets in cities that you don’t know anybody in. We always took the shows saying we could sell 30+ tickets, then turned up with nobody and apologised profusely until we were allowed to play. A lot of shows in cities are run by cowboys who couldn’t care less about the scene.

[WAM]: You have twice as many twitter followers as facebook ‘likes’ (a impressive 31,900, how important is social media for a band and how much importance do you place on these figures?
Jono: Of course it’s massively important in this day and age, because you’re always in the public eye. Whatever you post can be seen by literally anybody. We like to interact as much as we can with fans. I prefer Twitter personally, but I’ll dabble in Facebook every so often.

[WAM]: As we were preparing for this interview, it came out that Blitz Kids would no longer be supporting The Blackout; that must be disappointing? What was the reason for this?
Jono: We had a crossroad placed in front of us. Either we played first on for The Blackout, or we were main support for Mallory Knox. We weren’t allowed to do both.
SO naturally, we took the better slot.

[WAM]: The band is finally back to doing headline shows; what’s the essential items for BK to take on tour?
Jono: FIFA and an iPod dock. That’s it.

[WAM]: Would you say you have to prepare differently for a tour depending on if it’s as a support/ headline band?
Jono: We try and prepare for both as best we can. Obviously headline sets are longer, so I guess more rehearsals are booked!

[WAM]: Is there a preference for being the headlining band or supporting another?
Jono: At the moment, supporting. As soon as we can pull our own crowd that size, it’ll be headlining for sure.

[WAM]:  The band has also had a busy summer on the festival circuit, which included playing on the 2nd stage of Download, what was that like as an experience and what did you do after your set?
Jono: It was a dream come true. I remember seeing some of my favourite bands on that stage a few years ago, so to be up there was surreal but fantastic. It’s been a long time coming!

Afterwards, we celebrated and drank ourselves half to death.

[WAM]: The new single, Run For Cover, is a fantastic track, and very much a frantic track. Based on the songs released so far this year (On My Own etc), what can we expect from the new album sound-wise?
Jono: It’s massive. We always planned those 2 singles first to lull people into a false sense of security. The biggest and best is yet to come.

[WAM]: What are your aims in the next 12 months, following your 2nd album (The Good Youth) coming out early next year?
Jono: I’d love to play a headline tour where we sold out small venues across the country. It’s all we’ve ever wanted; to be able pack out rooms on our own merits.

Blitz Kids play at The Venue on Friday 27th September, with local support including The God Complex, Long Story Short & Cahoots.
Tickets are available from see tickets here.

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