2013: Year In Review – Dientes & The Electric Mafia



Dientes have had a great 2013. We started the year riding high off a successful kickstarter campaign which helped us fund the remainder of our first album. The fact that people will dig deep to help 4 guys get something artistic off the ground was amazing.

a4058394359_2 Cut to the delivery..if anyone’s thinking of using crowdfunding, think through your rewards carefully. Tshirts and signed stuff is great. Cover versions are a nightmare. An off the cuff remark stood on walton reservoir about learning any cover was stupid idea, enjoyable, but a big time sponge.

We spent most of January & February getting the getting the album & art ready – the title ‘numbers & stations’ is taken from the short wave radio station broadcasts that have existed since the start of the cold war to fire out coded shit to spies behind lines (read more here). Getting the authorisation to use the broadcasts as our incidentals bits from Akin Fernandez was easy, getting Dientes to agree on anything artistic takes ages 🙂

Once all the album stuff was sorted we set a launch gig date and went for it:

In February, we spent a day with Lee Harman stuck in the Osale Rooms throwing an inspection lamp (that was hung from the lighting rig) at each other and  messing around with light/shadows and generally hamming it up. Then spent two weeks in anticipation of the finished product. The ‘stoner’ video turned out really great and Lee did a great job, kudos.

We precision planned a strategy to learn & record kickstarter covers and spent more time in Elusive Studios and released a shed load of cover versions alongside thinking up and recording stupid ideas for weekly youtube releases.

All the time we were rehearsing for the launch gig, where we wanted to play album in full –  some of the tracks hadn’t been played live since we recorded them back in Jan 2012 so there was quite a bit of piecing together the sounds that we’d put down whilst mixing.

The launch gig was great for us, a full capacity venue, tailor made projections and great feedback from our fanbase made it worthwhile. If you haven’t downloaded our album yet – do it!

The rest of the spring was taken up with us playing ‘payer’ gigs which we see as a trade off. It’s enjoyable but we’d 100% rather be playing our own stuff but it pays the bills and keeps us in shiny new gear. 

75% of dientes went to glastonbury in June to help Lees settle into his midlife crisis by binge drinking and binging on eclectic music, which is pretty much what Lees has been doing since he was 15 anyway so go freud that one out mother fucker.

After a blinding set at the Warrington Music Fest in July Dientes have holed ourselves back up in the lab.

We’ve done a few payer gigs throughout the autumn and bought even more shiny gear which is gonna help us record release #2 ourselves which is where we’re at now. We’ve got stacks of tunes that we’re working on that are currently half arranged. Some of the ideas have been kicking around for a year or two and some are brand new but all are good and due in 2014.

So that’s our 2013, not bad for a band with a combined age of over 150 years, 8 kids and 4 shitty jobs that we try to hold down whilst steering this car crash..

Lees Johnson

Download Numbers & Stations here for free. (link takes you to Diente’s bandcamp.


 The Electric Mafia


Safe to say 2013 has been a busy year for us. Just after our 1st birthday (November 2012) we set down and planned what the new year’s shenanigans would hold for us. Sex, we don’t do, Drugs and Rock N Roll took pride of place on the agenda, occupying the (admittedly few) waking moments between gigging, rehearsing and the ever-est amounting mountain of college work before we returned to the white, mid tour transit van of our minds in which we spent our time away from humanity.
After recording EP in February, leaving just enough time to have it released on March 1st, our EP release gig at The Cotton Mill, if not the biggest, was certainly our favourite gig of the year; an absolutely packed night, pushing out our EP for the first time in one whole gig, cleaning out our entire stock of physical copies.

Click on the image to be taken to The Electric Mafia’s Soundcloud

That gig was really what set us about pushing out of our spare room turned rehearsal space in Callands to the Warrington town centre. Our constant gigging had, undoubtedly, to be followed by constant rehearsal, which led to many complaints from our Callands based rehearsal space’s neighbours. Seriously though, feel the rhyming in that past sentence. As a result, the mafia had to relocate. Moving shop to The White Hart in Warrington Town Centre really gave us a position to push off from, with generous bar owners who gave their rehearsal space up for free led to us gigging in the White Hart, gaining interest around the local circuits and leading to dates in Friar’s Court, Asylum (The Venue) and Rosso’s.

1362346526_306496082796530_1538551398_oThe next set of releases featured ‘Breakdown’, ‘Incarnations’, the fabled ‘240 Power Pack’, short lived pixies inspired track ‘Ten’ and favourite ‘This F#cked’, the latter of the set inspired by the inebriated mumblings of an intoxicated drummist during the annual age-transcending party season set to introduce 2013 to us.

But back on track… One gig, two gig, three gig more saw a stint of the mafia gigging around Warrington, Manchester and Liverpool at least once every weekend. It was safe to say, our eagerness to perform coupled with the forever fabled, eternally promised, “exposure” may have led to a great deal of fun for us, but certainly didn’t work out with fuel costs.

What was most influential to our advances this year was the people we met. Hooking up with Designer Magazine in Manchester gave us a great insight into how the city based music scenes work, turned us on to some great musicians and booked us on some excellent gigs. This year was essentially using the buzzword “networking” as an excuse to sit on facebook all day and pester venue owners to book you with your favourite band so you don’t have to pay for tickets. I swear to god, if Led Zeppelin don’t let us support… But all of this doesn’t come without its downsides. We were ripped off, underpaid, sent to the far corners of the north west and back and returned with broken strings, shredded vocal cords and torn drum skins, all while “The Electric Mafia” stood proudly and triumphantly scrawled upon our drummer’s bare chest. Ladies, if Matt’s abs aren’t enough to get you to a gig, nothing is!

Returning from the wonderful, sweaty back room gigs, holding just enough cash for the train home is what it’s all about though. It’s just as much about the music as it is about meeting the people who enjoy it.

Anyway, we’re best finishing this off with what we’re after doing next year…
In January, we’re sorting out getting a set of live releases out for you, including some of the tracks we mentioned above (and some we didn’t). We’re planning to get some merch together: expect shirts, CDs, EPs, and all that. This will eventually lead on to our album recording, which is gonna happen. It’s all moving upwards and onwards, bigger gigs, better songs, more faces down (both fresh meat, and the regular folk) and just giving the usual we do for you.

Thanks a lot guys, we’ll be seeing a lot of you in the new year.

Nathan Berwick,
The Electric Mafia

‘White Rhino’ is available for free download here, and a Music Video is to follow in January 2014.

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