There are some fantastic bands in Warrington who have released some great music, we have even been lucky to release tracks through [WAM]. Almost 7000 tracks have been downloaded  for free over the years.

You can find our full library below and on our bandcamp page here.

They were released for free, and always will be.
Be sure to share them with your friends.

[WAM] WArrington Music is very happy to announce the track listing for this years Music Festival Compilation, which was released on Thursday 12th April. This is in advance of the yearly Festival, taking place over early May bank holiday weekend (Saturday 5th).

With 11 tracks included, there is something for everyone, with the latest single ‘Room With A Zoo’ from The Winachi Tribe who returned from a tour on the west coast of America to play our #5YearsOfWAM event at the Parr Hall, joining many new debutants on the compilation. Our 2017 compilation includes ‘How Animal Are You’ from Slydigs, headliners of the Festival that year, joined by Indie Icons, Space, and many many more on the digital compilation.

[WAM] Compilation 1 – Released Dec 2012






[WAM] Festival Compilation 2013 – Released July 2013
[WAM] Festival Compilation 2014 – Released July 2014
The Phoenix Experiment – Black Knight Satellite – Released April 2013
High Rise – self titled EP – Released April 2013
The Ambersons – The Housecat [Single] – Released July 2013
Johnny Set – Self titled EP – Released May 2014