Genre(s): Rock


After a year of gigging solidly around the North-West of England as Hellbound Rebels the band started to evolve into something darker; something slightly different. Target:Renegades was born out of this evolution. A moment of clarity had sparked somewhere between the stage, the studio, and the practice room. Things began to fall into place for the band and their sound.
A mix of influences that branches over several genres is held together by a collective sense of wanting to break out of a working class rut. Adam sneers at a failing system as he delivers melodic vocals over waves of crunching guitar courtesy of Dan. Jacks metal, bass rumblings and Steves heavy handed beats only add to the overall sense of tension within their dark sound.
The band have a growing reputation as an energetic and entertaining live act and have a proven record of surprising crowds with their showmanship and effort.

The bands debut EP “Corruption For Beginners” is available via Bandcamp, Itunes, and Amazon.

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