Grenre(s): Rock, Alternative, Grunge


Matt McClenan (Vocals/Guitar), Alex Highcock (Drums), George Margereson (Bass) make up the hard-hitting sound that is Kaleiders.

They are back on the scene after a brief hiatus, and are hitting it harder than ever. Using their time off from playing shows to work on new material, they are currently in the process of producing a number of singles, and they are planning on recording their second EP over the next few months.

After the release of their latest single “Alive”, the 3 piece have been busy playing all over the UK, leaving a taste of their unique, full-throttle sound on the tongue of the current music scene. “We never want to be one of those bands that takes themselves too seriously.

We just want to do what we do and have a good time doing it. I mean, how serious can you be with a crumpet as your single artwork?” If you like soaring electric riffs and catchy hooks, this is definitely a band you’ll want to listen out for! The comeback is on.