Exile Parade

Exile Parade - Hit the Zoo_802x800

Exile Parade
Genre(s): Rock / Alternative


The ultimate a-ha moment in the lives of young musicians is when they realize that the only thing that matters is being able to travel the rock n roll path that their musical heroes blazed. For Warrington, UK based rock band, Exile Parade, this was the transcendent What’s the Story Morning Glory album by the seminal rock band Oasis.

In a hyperactive synaptic instant Exile Parade’s Lomax – vocals, Phil Hennessey – rhythm guitars/vocals, Chris Owen – lead guitars, Dave Hennessey – bass, Mutchy – drums, knew what they, too, were meant to do. Clearly it was equal parts love of arena pop-rock and north-west England rich musical legacy found in the I’ve-got-to-get-the-fuck-out-of-here dreams of kids from working class towns in and around Manchester and Liverpool.

The debut Album, Hit The Zoo is produced by Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve) and Marco Migliari (Sigur Ros) and was recorded at Real World Studios in Bath and Monnow Valley Studios in Wales. Seeing a global trend develop and interest in the band burgeoning beyond the UK and Europe, USA based publisher, Razor and Tie publishing signed Exile Parade to an exclusive deal. Music tracks have been included on the DVD release of Skins TV show and in the hit feature film, Screwed.
Suburban Records released, Hit The Zoo, the debut album in February 2012. Exile Parade completed 2 tours of China, featuring in that countries Q Magazine.


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