Alan Jacob

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Alan Jacob
Genre(s): Pop rock, soft rock, acoustic

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 ‘Who is this guy?!!’ – Mike Pilat, The Vault Studios

Alan Jacob is a multi-instrumentalist who has just released his first EP of original music onto an unsuspecting world. His Musical taste is as wide as his taste in his clothing, and just by looking at him you know that this is his world, and we are just paying rent.

His EP’ ‘Fragile’ is a collection of 5 songs, written, arranged and performed by himself, which showcases his primary influences of Queen, The Killers and importantly, Take That. It is the culmination of a musical journey that started with an electronic drum-kit and has now seen him become one of the premier drummers of the North-west area.

Not yet 20, he experienced a solo high by playing for over 400 people at the Walton Hall Festival, over three consecutive week-ends where he expected to do two short sets and provided much, much more.

His range of musical tastes match the range of his singing, and has provided the last piece of the performing jigsaw, seeing him grow more and more comfortable with his performances, be it as himself, or as the drummer for ‘Live Transmission’, his other passion project.

But he is so much more than that. A more driven individual you will never meet. Alan knows what he wants to be.

A drummer, pianist, guitarist, singer, producer, writer, collaborator, session guy and social influencer. He is all of these.

Fragile is available on all streaming platforms now – Amazon, Spotify, ITunes et al.

Check him out.