Sometime After Dark

Sometime After Dark
Genre(s): Deathcore


Sometime After Dark are a 5 piece Deathcore band situated in Warrington, formed in early 2010. Despite starting out as a few friends playing covers and a few originals, after a few line up changes they became a serious contender as one of the bigger and better metal bands on the Warrington scene.

Sometime After Dark have a variety of influences that blend their brutal sound with a more technical side of the metal genre varying from Deathcore to Metalcore with bands like, As Blood Runs Black, Chelsea Grin, August Burns Red and many more. however they bring an original twist to the already established sound which makes them a breath of fresh air for what is considered to be a tired genre. Mixing brutal lows and ear-splitting high vocals, with a crushing blend of breakdowns and impressive technical riffs, not forgetting the drums which brings a trademark originality to the overall sound of the band.They are truly a force to be reckoned with, delivering an amazing, energetic live show worth seeing anywhere you can catch them. Having played with bands like Release The Kraken, Buried By The Sirens, Enginevein, Our Imbalance and set to play with the brutal Ingested later this year, they are a band that you must see live.

They are set to release their EP “Creations Fail” mid-October, make sure you hear, download and see all these songs as soon as it hits the public eye, you won’t forget it.

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