Project Number 1

Project Number 1

Project Number 1
Genre(s): Indie/ Rock



In a current climate of groups who do not write for, or about themselves, groups that look and sing how they are told to, who come and go with the changing mood of television personality producers; Project Number 1 strive to bring soul and conscience back into music. Politics, Religion, Culture and Experience driving every beat, note and lyric. Hailing from the North West of England a place rich with bands who sing about the world shaped around them by events and people who do not care, where the working class have always proudly and loudly used music as it’s voice. Project Number 1 has not been Manufactured, it’s been born, free to take a life of it’s own.

The band have successfully built a wall of sound with a mixture of a clean and crisp drums, moody bass, powerful guitar and expressive vocals. Project Number 1 could just be the next band you cannot live without.

Our debut album, ‘Generation X’ is released on 21st April 2017.

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