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We were considering keeping pages active for bands that are well- inactive. But to better consolidate bands, we’ve decided to put the majority of these all in one place.

Makes it easier to navigate the site but also go down memory lane. Some of the bands that are no longer together remain as separate pages (ie Viola Beach), should we feel there’s a reason to highlight them.

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The 66 Group PhotoThe 66
Genre(s): Psychedelic Indie Rock

Combining influences that range from the last 40 years of rock and pop music, the band has forged a modern sound that is very much their own. Merging stomping grooves, rich, textured soundscapes with a melodic sensibility all fronted with youthful bristling bravado.

Formed 2007, disbanded 2011, Reformed 2013, The 66 left a lasting legacy on the Warrington Music Scene, bringing together some of the most talented musicians in the town, forming an unique brand of psychedelic infused indie-rock.

They are now considered a cult band not just by the fans, but by many journalists and press who witnessed the incredible live prowess of the band in their prime.


The Amorphous
Genre(s): Alternative/ Rock


A alternative/rock band who incorporated styles from rock to electronic into their music. The band formed in Warrington during 2012 under the name of Sunny December and with a original line up of; Paul Redford, Jake Marriott, Max Astall, Jacob Barnard and Lloyd Halpin. Shortly after Jake Marriott left the band to be replaced by William Black on guitars and Jacob Barnard left the band. During this time the bands name was changed from Sunny December to The Amorphous.

The band then went on to record it’s debut EP Bassist-less until Jon Hughs was asked to preform with the band and later became full time bassist. During 2013 the bands popularity grew as The Amorphous started preforming in Manchester and writing it’s second EP as well as appearing at Warrington Music Festival. The final line up consisted of Paul Redford, Will Black, Max Astall, Jon Hughs and Lloyd Halpin.


Black Pulp
Grenre(s): Indie, Electronic


We are Black Pulp – YOU are the crowd

Black Pulp were Jack Smith, Sam Holt, Matt Bayliss and Ste Williams and their statement of intent, single Vapour, shows them to be on the Foals scale when it came to their skittish, complex music – with additional psyche, surf, and urban sounds thrown in.

Bony Ghosts

Bony Ghosts
Genres(s): Indie/ Alternative

On the 18th July, 2010, Bony Ghosts made their last ever appearance during the Warrington Music Festival.

Foregoing the usual working-class stereotypes such as faux machismo and try-hard cool enforced by some contemporary bands, Bony Ghosts were known for their highly energised live shows, self-deprecating manner and upbeat anthems about human frailty and frustration. We are influenced by the mundane, the profane and the insane.- Artist Bio

Listen to more tracks by Bony Ghosts here.


Cheap Cuts
Genres(s): Northern Soul/ Pop

Now performing as Man & The Echo

Cheap Cuts were a lyrically dexterous power pop group whose songs combine a distinctly nostalgic 1960s soul feel with short, witty kitchen sink sagas. Expect songs about tabloid newspapers, cross-dressing thugs, radio phone-ins, service stations and much more. Available on iTunes, for money.

With a nostalgic sound of 1960s soul, Cheap Cuts signed to Bright Red Records. The band consisted of Gareth Roberts (vocals/guitar), Joe Forshaw (bass/vocals), Joe Bennett (drums/vocals) and Chris Gallagher (keyboards/vocals).

Live highlights for Cheap Cuts included gigs with Florence and the Machine, Kid British and The Chameleons. They had also been selected to do a number of in-store appearances for Liam Gallagher’s fashion label Pretty Green.

Chi & The Twelfth Wall

Chi & the Twelfth Wall
Genre(s): Folk/Acoustic


Chi & the Twelfth Wall were strongly influenced by a fusion of classical music and acoustic pop. The band consists of Chi on lead vocals, guitar and violin, Gary on bass, glockenspiel and backing vocals, Fred on cello, ukulele and backing vocals, and Chris on Cajon and percussion.

In past years, they had supported the likes of Lucy Rose, Alessi’s Ark, Slow Club, Gregory & the Hawk and more, as well as being well received during a slot at Magneet Festival in Amsterdam. Their first EP ‘Winter Loves Nobody’, was available to download from iTunes, Spotify or Bandcamp.

Clincton View
Genre(s): Alternative / Indie Rock



The Diamond Bays
Genre(s): Alternative


The Diamond Bays were a distinctive alternative rock band from Warrington in the North West of England. Formed in May 2012, they wasted no time in establishing a reputation for themselves, gigging extensively and beginning to make a real impact through the strength of their songwriting and the effectiveness of their live act.

Creatively they drew on an eclectic range of influences including various legendary bands and artists spread over many decades. They drew on the bluesier side of Captain Beefheart (evident in tracks such as ‘Mindless Masses’ – a song about the reality TV show generation), yet songs such as ‘Don’t You Go’ evoke elements of The Clash and The Libertines. The Beatles inevitably play a major part, particularly in the band’s inventive and tasteful use of harmonies in most songs. Bob Dylan, The La’s, Tom Petty, Hank Marvin, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Noel Gallagher and Pearl Jam have also been formative influences.

However the 5-piece developed their own individualistic style which blends and blurs the lines between all of the above and adds something strikingly unique of their own, forming within a group of existing friends, who all shared a huge passion for music.

Dirty Berns

Dirty Berns
Genre(s): Alternative rock


An four piece Alternative Rock band from Warrington
Max Astall – Vocals/Guitar
Jake Marriott – Guitar
Jacob Barnard – Bass
Lloyd Halpin – Drums

Genre(s): Ska/ Punk

They were a unforgettable reggae, ska based dance explosion gang, fronted by the energetic Phil Cain, who could not seem to keep his feet still for a second.

With the bands debut EP called ‘There’s An Awful Lot Of Weirdo’s In Our Neighbourhood’, Dropscience pulled no punches. Not for the faint-hearted, they headlined Warrington Music Festival in 2012, down to their tightly refined live set and certainly garnered a lot of respect wherever they went.

The band reunited for a special once off Christmas show, at Friars Court in Warrington on Saturday 21st December 2013. But don’t expect another reunion!


Genre(s): Metal/Hardcore


The debut EP ‘Revenance’ came out on 23rd February 2013.

Revenance EngineveinRead the EP Review from 2013!

exileparadeExile Parade
Genre(s): Indie Rock

Formed in the summer of 2006, previously playing under the name Bangkok. After hearing the band’s early demos on MySpace, Owen Morris and former Oasis guitarist Paul Arthurs went to see the band perform, soon after, Exile Parade were in Real World Studios with Morris; their debut EP, ‘Brothel Ballet’, was released in April 2010. Exile Parade’s debut studio album, ‘Hit the Zoo’, was released on 3 February 2012.

China was to grow very important to the band, with further visits throughout the years, going where many western bands and artist were not allowed.

In 2014, the band parted ways, citing their belief that they were not the right kind of band for the current market.

20229502986_b552c88cf0_zThe God Complex
Genre(s): Stoner rock/Grunge/Smudge

“Tom came from a band in Southampton after slots in local venues, Greg had been in various bands (KarmaDoll, See You In July, Cadenza), worked for promotions and also enjoyed a short period as a solo artist. Duff holds a lot of the sound for TGC after spending years crafting his style… He’s a big guy with a big noise. Mike and Sam came in a package deal on ebay for 20 quid… mega. Together they all want to blow your balls off.” – Artist Bio.

Though multiple line up changes have happened, this band had grown more and more heavy each time. Planning to release their debut EP ‘Audio Lubrication’ in Feb/March 2013, the boys were looking to make an impact in the new year.

High Rise
Genre(s): Metal/ Metalcore

Four piece metalcore band from Grappenhall.
Ollie Brierley – Vocals
Liam Hanley – Guitars
Liam Burleigh – Guitars
Tobias Nesarajah – Drums

Genre(s): Metal/ Metalcore

Facebook   Soundcloud

Imperium had been together for 3 years, experimenting with various styles and line-ups. After taking a break from gigs, the band looked to returned with a nationwide tour to coincide with the launch of their debut EP: ‘Spectress’. With unrivalled stage presence and a fresh but familiar sound, Imperium are not a band to be missed. That EP never did get released (Clued up, Ed).


In Blue Skies
Genre(s): Acoustic/Pop


Storming onto the scene in late 2010, the 5 piece group fused together catchy acoustic ballads with driving poppy hooks to steal the show within the North West music scene and propel themselves into the underground indie music scene around the UK, eventually netting themselves a support slot for Scouting For Girls, where they played to a capacity crowd and got everyone talking about them.

With their blend of uplifting chorus’, powerful vocals from the whole gang, a great sense of atmosphere and superb crowd interaction, In Blue Skies were confident they could get anyone at a gig dancing along to their music. And  if you’d have seen them live, it’s hard to argue with them!

In Blue Skies could get you singing along at the top of your lungs, dancing like there’s no tomorrow and breathed some well needed fresh air into the pop music scene.

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet
Genre(s): Indie/ Emo


 Formed in 2010 as a 2 piece shoegaze bedroom project, then slowly turned into a full band and in 2014 after a nearly 2 years of rehearsing and trying to find a sound, settling on an early 2000s pop/punk sound with a twist of modern emo.


Josh Healey
Genre(s): Acoustic

Facebook    Soundcloud

Josh Healey is a self-taught, multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter from Cheshire, and also a keen poet. His sound is mainly folk, which looks to draw upon the likes of Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and U2, telling stories with an emphasis on word and melody.His Dynamic sound may be inspired by classic artists, but his distinctive modern influences keep his sound current.

A self released EP was released. “Lifeboats & Relationships”. Recorded at Blueprint Studio’s in Manchester with Fred Kindt from the Slow Show. Josh has Played at the Manchester Academy, Halo, Crewe Festival, and has been heard on BBC Radio Merseyside, and Salford City Radio.

Kindest of Thieves

Kindest Of Thieves
Genre(s): Alternative


Just who are Kindest of Thieves…….within a relatively short lifetime, conflicting incarnations manifested, chief thief Chris Fox developing an almost rockabilly Morrissey persona. Suave and sophisticated, vocals delivered with precision accompanied by lyrically perspicacious themes on his “Serial Mothers and Terminal Hunchbacks” EP.

Never one to rest on laurels, Fox revealed darker edges, abducting drummer Sam Lightfoot, dragging him kicking and screaming from Warrington sunlight into a dank, desolate dungeon surrounded by instruments of torture, chained callously behind kit. Here, Chris bared his deepest, darkest fantastical thoughts, formulating a selection of chillingly macabre songs, the lo-fi production only adding to the ominous sense of foreboding, perversely thrusting upon an unsuspecting public immediately prior the festive period the “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Sweetheart The Lonely. ” EP.
A delightfully twisted Black Christmas ensued.

And so to 2013…..curiously, Lightfoot, rather than repelled by his experience, developing Stockholm Syndrome, a kinship evolves with tormentor, currently foisting themselves onto the North West live circuit to much acclaim. What’s next………who knows……possibly not even Fox and Lightfoot, such the ability of re-invention. One thing’s for sure, whatever the future brings it can only prove the most enthralling and beguiling of rides…..grab your ticket, hold tight, you might just find you love every single minute.

– Andy Barnes (Mudkiss Fanzine) 

Michigan Band

Genre(s): Indie/ Rock


Michigan were a four-piece, DIY indie-rock band hailing from Warrington.

They formed in 2015 and self-produced their debut 5-track E.P. – ‘Man Made Horizon EP’ which dropped in December 2016. Confidently blending together blues-laden riffs and big indie rock-choruses with catchy pop-hooks that are instantly singable, Michigan found themselves performing at packed-out Manchester venues such as The Castle Hotel, Night & Day Café and Manchester Club Academy, as well as selling out their own headline shows at Friars Court in Warrington Town Centre.

2017 saw the release of the single ‘Hold Fast’ and accompanying music video, which received airplay across Greater Manchester on stations such as ‘Wire FM’ and ‘Northern Quarter Radio’, receiving vast praise from DJs and listeners.

2018 promised to be a great year for Michigan – with a sold out show at Manchester’s ‘Night People’ already under their belts, they signed with ‘Black Cacti Publishing’ in April 2018 and are due to release new singles in the coming months, coinciding with appearances at Warrington Music Festival and Glastonferry. Both Nathan and Seb can now be found performing across the north west as solo singer-songwriters.

Old Town Quartet
Genre(s): Country/ Americana/ Skiffle


A good time, whiskey drinkin’, foot tappin’ Country band from the North West.

The band consists of:

Matthew L. McClure: Vocals, Guitar and Banjo
Freddie Barrow: Cello and Vocals
Lyle Shane Andrews: Guitar and Vocals
Jonathan Ure: Drums

With individual music backgrounds of Punk, Folk and Rockabilly, we came together piece by piece to bring a little bit of the Southern States to our Northern Towns.

Met during open mic nights across the town to form together a band of common interests. Releasing their first album Early May 2014 via Barbaraville records.


Opposites Attract
Genre(s): Alternative Rock

Facebook   Soundcloud

An alternative rock trio from Warrington, formed in early 2011. Heavy influenced by the Seattle scene of the nineties.

Released one EP, ‘Lost Property’ with a bonus track ‘Ice Cream Van’ (Acoustic)

Members of the band Include –
Joe Johnson, James Parry and Ryan Hunt.

Original Replica Original Replica
Genre(s): Rock ‘n’ Roll. 50’s/60’s style & Original


A 50’s & 60’s Rock ‘n’ Roll band, Covers and Originals group.
Formed in June 2012, 4 lads all from Warrington. School friends and individual musicians.
Played Warrington Music Festival in 2013.
Featuring at Tatton Park Classic Car Festival 2014.
Played at Parr Hall for Aspiration 2014.
Played at various venues throughout the UK – inc, Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Bolton, Bristol etc.
Appeared on TV in Denmark.
Featured in Bass Professor Magazine in Holland, France & Germany.
Appeared in the Warrington Guardian in 2013 & 2014.

Genre(s): Indie/ Rock

Facebook   Soundcloud

High-energy, feel good alternative pop/rock! – Portalights’ sound was unique and accessible, their song ‘Zooplace’ enriched with a sentimentality sourced from Will Poston’s distinct vocal style and the gradual surging ascension into a refined indie-rock soundscape, reverb-laden guitars and driving drums notwithstanding – #MUZUUNVEILS

After a busy 2013, during which time the band recorded their first EP, shot their new video ‘Zooplace’, supported Gabrielle Aplin @ The Ritz, Manchester, not to mention performing the many weird and wonderful gigs along the way, the boys had big things planned for 2014.

Early support has been gathering nicely, with MUZU.TV picking up ‘Zooplace’ for special mention and featuring both band and track as one of their first ‘UNVEILS’ acts in early March. Over 13k views in the first week meant the boys must have been on the right track, after all, they were unknown and relative newbies to the site but still managed to generate more unique views than some other well known, more established acts.
They have enjoyed various radio plays across the BBC Introducing format, including a live interview and a live featured performance on BBC Radio Lancashire, RadioXS and XFM and were singled out as a highlight from the ‘Ones To Watch 2014’ event at Liverpool O2 Academy on 16.04.14, supported by RCA records and SJM Concerts.

phase 3

Phase 3
Genre(s): Indie, Punk


Phase 3 were a 5 piece indie punk poetry band bursting out of north Warrington with influences ranging from Joy Division,The Fall, The Ramones, Beck and John Cooper Clarke but to name a few. Band Members were

Dan Dolan (Vocals/songwriter)
Dom Dolan (Rhythm guitar)
Ste Mac Gill (Lead guitar)
Liam Fox (Bass)
Tom O’Reilly (Drums)

The band have moved along at a rapid pace constantly jamming and working on new ideas and songs creating two demos along the way which have had interest and airplay from Northern Quarter Radio (Manchester) and Bloop radio (London). After only playing a handful of gigs are now ready to take the local and surrounding areas by storm with there unique brand of swaggering indie punk poetry.

Project Number

Project Number 1
Genre(s): Indie/ Rock


In a current climate of groups who do not write for, or about themselves, groups that look and sing how they are told to, who come and go with the changing mood of television personality producers; Project Number 1 strived to bring soul and conscience back into music. Politics, Religion, Culture and Experience driving every beat, note and lyric. Hailing from the North West of England a place rich with bands who sing about the world shaped around them by events and people who do not care, where the working class have always proudly and loudly used music as it’s voice. Project Number 1 has not been Manufactured, it’s been born, free to take a life of it’s own.

The band successfully built a wall of sound with a mixture of a clean and crisp drums, moody bass, powerful guitar and expressive vocals. Project Number 1 could just have been the next band you cannot live without.

Our debut album, ‘Generation X’ was released on 21st April 2017.

Redmojo together_jpg-pwrt3

Grenre(s): Indie Rock


Years and years and years of jamming, gigging, writing and recording……
unlike our X Factor champions who are revolutionising the music industry on our behalf.
much love though, much love.

Sometime After Dark

Sometime After Dark
Genre(s): Deathcore


Sometime After Dark were a 5 piece Deathcore band situated in Warrington, formed in early 2010. Despite starting out as a few friends playing covers and a few originals, after a few line up changes they became a serious contender as one of the bigger and better metal bands on the Warrington scene.

Sometime After Dark had a variety of influences that blend their brutal sound with a more technical side of the metal genre varying from Deathcore to Metalcore with bands like, As Blood Runs Black, Chelsea Grin, August Burns Red and many more. However they brought an original twist to the already established sound which makes them a breath of fresh air for what is considered to be a tired genre.

Mixing brutal lows and ear-splitting high vocals, with a crushing blend of breakdowns and impressive technical riffs, not forgetting the drums which brings a trademark originality to the overall sound of the band.They are truly a force to be reckoned with, delivering an amazing, energetic live show worth seeing anywhere you caught them.

They shared the stage with the likes of Hacktivist, Release The Kraken, Buried By The Sirens, Enginevein, Our Imbalance and set to play with the brutal Ingested later this year, they are a band that you must see live.

Sonnic ImageSonnic Image
Genre(s): Indie


“Our name is Sonnic Image and we’re a Rock and Roll Band from Warrington.

We are Band with an array of music talent between us.We have been in involved in music for the last 15 years and have put all of our relevant skills together and created Sonnic Image,

With the belief that our music which is unique, can sell records, it has taken us a long time in and out of various bands to find the perfect match to all of our relevant skills.
We have the desire and respect for the music industry to move forward and be an album selling band!” – Artist Bio

The EP, ‘Stop The World I’m Getting Off’, is out now on iTunes.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning
Genre(s): Alternative


“This band is different to the rest. As we’re working on an electronic style to match with our love of musical instruments. To create a style that both sides of the spectrum can relate to and enjoy. From band and indie lovers to mainstream chart lovers to hip hop lovers to dance lovers.”


Genre(s): Acoustic/Blues/Folk


“Hi we’re Em & Ben, a quirky & mesmerising must see acoustic duo from Warrington.

We’ve been performing together since 2010 around local venues such as The Lounge, Hernando’s Hideaway, White Hart, Bluebell & More. We like to kick it up a notch with our acoustic sets bringing up-beat cover songs and original songs full of truths & attitude.

We have been best friends for almost 10 years giving us a great connection on stage full of laughter & energy. We hope you enjoy what we do as much as we do :)” – Artist Bio.


Tainted Memories
Genre(s): Pop Punk/ Alternative


Young 4 piece Tainted Memories started back in the month of March 2011 and have developed a distinctive sound that will capture you in to a world of Pop Punk and rock with hints of metal. If you like A Day To Remember, All Time Low and You Me At Six you will adore these guys!

Advancing rapidly there name have appeared in Kerrang! several times and the boys  starred in Christmas charity single track and music video ‘Project Underdog – Iridescent’. Since then Tainted Memories have supported Kerrang! all stars Fearless Vampire Killers, Blitz Kids and Run From Robots and played on both the acoustic and plugged in stage at the annual Warrington Music Festival which they have played in previous years.

Honourable mentions: DBD, New Relics, The Anecdotes. Bill Davro