The Winachi Tribe


[WAM] Festival 230319-1142

The Winachi Tribe
Genre(s): Electro / Funk / Trip Hop / Hip Hop



‘Pretty Green’ – exciting, edgy band, with infectious energy, that embodies the attitude of the Pretty Green brand.

‘Louder Than War’ – Comparisons with the Mondays are easy to make and understandable but to have China White down as yet another band following the Madchester blue print would do them a serious injustice. They have the swagger and the talk and are very Northern but these boys have thrown talent, soul, funk acid house and high production values into the melting pot and this gives them the edge. They deserve to be the next big thing.

‘Viva Magazine’ – China White have established themselves as firmly popular and solidly Northern. A talent that sees the venues they play packed to the rafters. Their little black book is one that the industry must envy fiercely. What with collaborations with Keith Allen, Alabama 3 and Rowetta under their belt. Not to mention infrequent comparisons to The Happy Mondays. China White have a massively original sound that still manages to employ catchy hooks. They are set to become Manchester’s biggest band this year!!!

‘Mudkiss Fanzine’ – China White, a vivacious blend of funk, hip-hop and acid house with an undercurrent of indie vibe. Their ballsy and creative blend has seen them collaborate with many well known artists in the past few years, such as Rowetta and Kermit, also leading them to work with producing legend Danny Saber and tour with the enigmatic Keith Allen in 2012. Compounding them as serious players. China White are beginning to cause quite a stir on both sides of the Atlantic!




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