Last Bee On Earth

Mike Bee
Mike Bee

Last Bee On Earth
Genre(s): Electronic


As the front man of almost too many bands to mention, Mike Bee will be known to many as a mainstay of the Warrington Music Scene, and for the past few months he has been holed up in his home studio working on a new album. The first music he has released outside of a band.

As part of the build up to the debut album, which is currently in the mixing stages, he recently released his debut EP  ‘Prologue’ under the ‘Last Bee on Earth’ title on the 27th March.

This is a melting pot of Psychedelia, Ambient, Acoustic and Electronica mixed with a little Folk for your senses.  Every story needs a beginning, so this is a sound-based storyboard of what happened ‘before’ the debut album!

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It’s available for FREE download or a donation, so your support is massively appreciated! All funds will go towards the release of the debut full-length, helping to cover all the things that go with a proper release!

You can purchase a High Quality MP3 copy for £3 here.

Or Alternatively you grab all the other HQ formats via Bandcamp where you can name your price (or get it for free) here.

More importantly, I hope you enjoy the trip!

Last Bee on Earth x