The Diamond Bays


The Diamond Bays
Genre(s): Alternative


The Diamond Bays are a distinctive new alternative rock band from Warrington in the North West of England. Formed in May 2012, they have wasted no time in establishing a reputation for themselves, gigging extensively and beginning to make a real impact through the strength of their songwriting and the effectiveness of their live act.

Creatively they draw on an eclectic range of influences including various legendary bands and artists spread over many decades. They draw on the bluesier side of Captain Beefheart (evident in tracks such as ‘Mindless Masses’ – a song about the reality TV show generation), yet songs such as ‘Don’t You Go’ evoke elements of The Clash and The Libertines. The Beatles inevitably play a major part, particularly in the band’s inventive and tasteful use of harmonies in most songs. Bob Dylan, The La’s, Tom Petty, Hank Marvin, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones, Noel Gallagher and Pearl Jam have also been formative influences.

However the 5-piece have developed their own individualistic style which blends and blurs the lines between all of the above and adds something strikingly unique of their own. The band was formed within a group of existing friends, who all shared a huge passion for music.

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