The Amorphous

The Amorphous

The Amorphous
Genre(s): Alternative/ Rock


The Amorphous is a alternative/rock band who incorporate styles from rock to electronic into their music. The band formed in Warrington during 2012 under the name of Sunny December and with a original line up of; Paul Redford, Jake Marriott, Max Astall, Jacob Barnard and Lloyd Halpin. Shortly after Jake Marriott left the band to be replaced by William Black on guitars and Jacob Barnard left the band. During this time the bands name was changed from Sunny December to The Amorphous.

The band then went on to record it’s debut ep Bassist-less until Jon Hughs was asked to preform with the band and later became full time bassist. During 2013 the bands popularity grew as The Amorphous started preforming in Manchester and writing it’s second ep aswell as appearing at Warrington Music Festival. Now with the new line up of Paul Redford, Will Black, Max Astall, Jon Hughs and Lloyd Halpin the band continues to play gigs across the North West and develop their sound.


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