Kindest Of Thieves

Kindest Of Thieves
Genre(s): Alternative


Just who are Kindest of Thieves…….within a relatively short lifetime, conflicting incarnations manifested, chief thief Chris Fox developing an almost rockabilly Morrissey persona in August last year, suave and sophisticated, vocals delivered with precision accompanied by lyrically perspicacious themes for his “Serial Mothers and Terminal Hunchbacks” EP.

Never one to rest on laurels, Fox revealed darker edges in December, abducting drummer Sam Lightfoot, dragging him kicking and screaming from Warrington sunlight into a dank, desolate dungeon surrounded by instruments of torture, chained callously behind kit. Here, Chris bared his deepest, darkest fantastical thoughts, formulating a selection of chillingly macabre songs, the lo-fi production only adding to the ominous sense of foreboding, perversely thrusting upon an unsuspecting public immediately prior the festive period the “Ladies and Gentlemen, My Sweetheart The Lonely. ” EP. A delightfully twisted Black Christmas ensued.

And so to 2013…..curiously, Lightfoot, rather than repelled by his experience, developing Stockholm Syndrome, a kinship evolves with tormentor, currently foisting themselves onto the North West live circuit to much acclaim. What’s next………who knows……possibly not even Fox and Lightfoot, such the ability of re-invention. One thing’s for sure, whatever the future brings it can only prove the most enthralling and beguiling of rides…..grab your ticket, hold tight, you might just find you love every single minute.

– Andy Barnes (Mudkiss Fanzine)

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