Holy Drone


Holy Drone
Genre(s): Dream Pop/Shoegaze



Named after the distinctive Chinese landform, Danxia (now Holy Drone), formed in Warrington, UK in 2015. The group is made up of Emma Bate-Nilsson (Vocals/Guitar), James Atherton (Guitar/Vocals), Louis Haughton (Bass/Vocals) and Luke Holland (Drums). What started out as improvisational fun, later emerged as something a little more serious and exciting when Danxia recorded a demo and started to play local shows in Manchester and Warrington. Throughout their first year together, the band started to home in on their sound through experimentation with guitar tones and textures. Their influences are drawn from artists such as Slowdive, Radiohead and The Holydrug Couple, as well as other experimental acts like Eternal Tapestry and Sunn 0))).

In September of 2016, Danxia released their debut EP to relative success. With tracks such as ‘Closer’, the EP revealed the direction that the band were going in sonically and proved their relevance as an upcoming act in the local scene and that of a wider audience. Off the back of the self-titled EP, Danxia began to play bigger shows, ending the year with the sold-out ‘Man Made End of Year Party’ in Manchester, where they shared the stage with The Smith’s very own Johnny Marr.

Entering 2017, the band took a short break from performing live shows and looked instead to the recording studio. Choosing to further experiment with unorthodox recording techniques and guitar sounds for their next record, the band further progressed to incorporate many layers of modulation, reverbs and delays in order to create a driving yet atmospheric feel. This, combined with Emma’s haunting vocal style, gives the four-piece it’s distinct sound. Danxia’s second release, entitled ‘Learn to Swim’, is due for release in April 2017.