Kye Jones

kye jones

Kye Jones
Genre(s): Acoustic Grunge/Desert Rock


First picked up a guitar when I was 3, but played my first bass when I was 14, been a bass head ever since. I love all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to American Head Charge, Led Zeppelin to Cyprus Hill and a lot more. As a child I was always surrounded with the song of great artists, so music has always been an essential part of my life, it has even got me through some dark places, and I have fond memories of some great times.My biggest influence in the world of bass is Justin Chancellor from Tool. I play what you would call Lead Bass I guess, technical bass, I studied art at Warrington College, where one of my tutors Dave Caton encouraged me into being a session bassist for bands in the music department,

I tried a few more things like University and I went to the British Academy of New Music (BANM) in London.So the idea grew into a dream, and the dream grew into a mission, i have been through many ups and downs, but always fighting to achieve the dream.

Kye Jones is a prolific writer, new songs coming soon!

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  1. […] First up we have Kye Jones, who today releases his new EP, Questions. We originally had the original version of the track cued up to play but we were lucky enough to get the brand new EP version to play, which fleshes out the track with some hard rocking drums and fine keys. Check out Kye Jones here. […]

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