Kye Jones

kye jones

Kye Jones
Genre(s): Acoustic Grunge/Desert Rock


First picked up a guitar when I was 3, but played my first bass when I was 14, been a bass head ever since. I love all kinds of music from Frank Sinatra to American Head Charge, Led Zeppelin to Cyprus Hill and a lot more. As a child I was always surrounded with the song of great artists, so music has always been an essential part of my life, it has even got me through some dark places, and I have fond memories of some great times.My biggest influence in the world of bass is Justin Chancellor from Tool. I play what you would call Lead Bass I guess, technical bass, I studied art at Warrington College, where one of my tutors Dave Caton encouraged me into being a session bassist for bands in the music department,

I tried a few more things like University and I went to the British Academy of New Music (BANM) in London.So the idea grew into a dream, and the dream grew into a mission, i have been through many ups and downs, but always fighting to achieve the dream.

Kye Jones is a prolific writer, new songs coming soon!

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