A little bit about [WAM]..

[WAM] stands for WArrington Music and is a multi platform Website with a non partisan look at all the Bands & Original Artists in the town of Warrington.

[WAM] WArrington Music Facebook Page 

[WAM] is more than welcome to accept all your links, event details or news. If you have anything you think we’d be interested in, email us at
Want to get involved with WArringtonMusic.co.uk? Get in touch!

WArringtonMusic.co.uk is part of the Equilibrium Productions network.

A decision was made to wind down activity on the [WAM] channels due to other commitments and lack of platform to champion music in the town due to a ever decreasing number and quality of venues providing Live Music.
Currently [WAM] is considered to be inactive, and was for a long time but following the tragic deaths of five of the towns sons, I saw a need a place again for [WAM], as a source for information. Many of the events and news in regards to Viola Beach plus any cursory bits of information will continue to be promoted through the WArringtonMusic.co.uk website, but as it still stands, I have no plans to relaunch [WAM].
I continue to be a supporter of the Warrington Music Scene and many of those bands, promoters and venue owners have done more than any to keep music (a)live. We wish them all the best.

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