LIVE REVIEW: Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs – FC2

In March, FC2 (Barbauld St) once again hosted a brilliant night of music brought to you by [WAM] and Asylum. The monthly alternative night is growing in popularity since it returned in July 2021 and not only did Funeral For A Friend come to Warrington as special guest DJ’s, there was live music early doors. Janet & Christabel was in the crowd for a riotous night!

The line up tonight at FC2 is beyond good. I’m excited. Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs are a band not to be missed (and also pretty difficult to actually miss). Be assured, when these guys are in town, it’s known about. And the support tonight is not to be sniffed at either.

War Stripes

Aaron Evans – lead vocals/guitar Billy Day – backing vocals/ guitar
Craig Millington – Bass Josh Baxter – Drums

Setting the tone for tonight, and very well too I might add, is War Stripes. I’ve never seen this band before, but my God I WILL be seeing them again after tonight’s performance. If you’re a fan of grunge/doom dance/rock with a slight metal edge, then this band is for you. And man, they can play live! With a guitar driven sound, utterly roaring bass, epic instrumentals and crazy paced drums.

It’s a lively one from War Stripes and one we won’t forget in a hurry. This band throw everything they’ve got into this, it’s a must see set. It’s really got the feels going and the crowd are loving it. I mean, we’ve already had a dance off between local musician Alan Jacob and CMATBE front man, Ryan Morris.

We’re getting real rock festival vibes here, this performance especially: real showmanship and excellently played instruments, guitar swinging, dancing, feet up on the barriers. We even have the lead guitarist flying leap up and over the barrier into the crowd whilst still managing to play. A full set of original material, well worth checking out. Songs like ‘Glad rags’ and ‘Trailer park tragedies’ keep us glued to this and wanting more. Upping the ante with a breathtaking cover of Idles’ ‘Never fight a man with a perm’, the mosh pit gets even livelier. We certainly have the unbridled energy of an Idles gig here, that’s for sure. It’s gripping, swirling, encapsulating, riveting.

For a gig experience with true wildness, thoroughly entertaining and with musical brilliance – I give you War Stripes! I’m happy.

Set List:
Gas Prices. Glad Rags. Easy Target. Never fight a man with a perm (Idles Cover).
Boris’ House Party. Secret love. Trailer Park Tragedies. Emily

Lost In Echoes

Lee Egerton – guitar/vocals Alex Hesketh – bass/backing vocal
Mike Jones – drums Liam Tamber – guitar

An alt rock treat is next in Lost in Echoes, a brilliant, original band doing great things. I’ve previously seen an acoustic set from these guys which was amazing, so full band promises to be something very special indeed…and I’m not wrong. It’s a brilliant sound, a very tight and well rehearsed sound. Often quite angst ridden and sorrow filled feels, but with an angry and cutting edge to it. Jagged guitar lines, a shoe gaze feel, but more severe, it hits you hard, it’s more metal feeling. It works superbly. Another immense, crowd pleasing set, filled with passion and prowess. These guys play and play hard.
Excellently written tracks and another full of content set list which seems over far too soon (always a sign of a good band), you sure feel like you get that ‘bang for your bucks’ with Lost in Echoes. Great on stage presence and performance, another lively one. We are all hypnotised.

Spoken word is incorporated into some songs, and it works really well. The mixture in vocal sounds is a great combination. Lee’ s lead vocals are even and smooth, whilst Alex backs them up with a primal growl which brings up that rock/metal sound… a rich tapestry of textures and sounds are woven into these songs. Another brilliant, nonstop, gripping performance in here tonight. Bravo Lost in Echoes – you sure did good!

Set List:
Countdown. Obviously not Obvious. Syn. Black Hole. We’ll be Calling You.

Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs

Ryan Morris – lead vocals Luke Hankinson – lead guitar
Tasha Clough – rhythm guitar Liam Shrives – bass Nathan McLeish – drums

If you’re looking for a quiet, laid back, chilled night, then you’re at the wrong gig. Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs are wild. Be warned, they take no prisoners, and leave you feeling like a high speed freight train of music just flew past you, but in THE best way!!! Becoming known for their live performances, Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs give you skilled musicianship, along with crazed, on stage antics and a group of followers that liven up any venue. People, a punk rock explosion like no other is about to go off.

In an utter explosion of musical fire and brimstone, Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs begin their set. It has gone mad in here, I mean properly stark raving bonkers – people on each other’s shoulders, climbing the barriers, beer being thrown, and it’s wild gig time. The punk sound to this band is exquisite. We have a huge, unhinged craziness feel, but at the same time it’s controlled, it’s a formula carefully concocted by the band, and it works. It sure brings one hell of an experience, and one you’re not likely to get at many local gigs: very catchy tunes, very listenable, clever, witty, satirical lyrics; up tempo, fast beats, soaring guitars, that jumpy, bouncing edge to its entire sound. You just can’t be still, nor would you want to be.

Ryan takes his front man role to the very extreme, which is brilliant to witness, running about wildly, throwing himself around, up dancing on top of the barriers, screaming down the mic at us, ripping his shirt off. If it’s the punk experience you’re looking for, look no further. I’ve seen these guys numerous times now, and each performance brings something new, unexpected and raucous. It’s brilliant! Explosive, anarchic, you have that feeling of a raw energy. Its cutting edge, it’s fresh, with a quality and refinement.

After the performance the stage area is what can only be described as stricken… puddles, discarded instruments, tattered set lists, knocked over mic stands, Ryan’s t-shirt and jacket strewn about, posters hanging off the wall. It’s like a musical typhoon just came and went. There’s that real feeling of shock and bewilderment. We all loved it, and honestly feel like we just saw something extraordinary, but don’t just take my word for it, go see for yourself. Its guaranteed you won’t be disappointed. Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs really are a force of music all of their own. Yet another entirely brilliant, wonderfully bonkers, jaw dropping, leaving us wanting more performance. Thank you the mighty Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs.

Set List:
Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs. Take over. Sleazeball. Peter Piper. On the Run.
Can of Courage. Ode. Cheshire Cat. Indian Pale Fale. Incredible. Fool’s Game. SOS

Find Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs on social media here: Facebook & Instagram Find out more about Asylum Club night on social media here: Facebook & Instagram

Review by Janet Harding Photos by Christabel Young

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