Welcome To Mojopia, the brand new album by Pray For Mojo out now!

After 3 years, 6 practise rooms, 2 studios and literal worldwide pandemic, psychedelic Garage rock band, Pray For Mojo have released their debut album, ‘Welcome To Mojopia’.

Merging a range of sounds including doom, prog and more, the bands churn fuzz laden guitar and hypnotic driving rhythms, time changes and a range of soundscapes merging to create its own soundtrack.

You can listen to the album via Spotify below or click here to find your options of choice.

All the artwork for the tracks released by the band have been created by guitarist Christian Monaghan, which looks great!

We will be playing a couple more deep cuts from ‘Welcome To Mojopia’ on this weeks [WAM] Exposure, so tune in for that!

Pray For Mojo will be headlining at The Castle Hotel on April 16th, with support from Scrounge. Tickets are priced at £8.

Follow the band on their socials
Facebook // Instagram

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