NEW VIDEO: Roughneck Riot – ‘Stay Awake’

It’s been 7 years since Warrington’s finest punk band released new music, and this one is un-bean-livable!

Folk-Punk six-piece, Roughneck Riot announced in 2018 they would be taking a break after several years of fastidious and relentless gigging, touring and drinking. They would then aim to return in 2020 with a a brand new album, great shows and a renewed sense of energy! Then covid hit..

Roughneck have been hammering the roads in UK and mainland Europe since their inception, earning a reputation as a hard-working and well travelled live tour de force. Staunchly anti-fascist and anti-dickhead, the motive of internationalist solidarity is needed more than ever. After a spell of recording and recuperating, and a further enforced spell of quarantine, Roughneck Riot are restless and snapping at the ankles. Older and more prone to tiredness, but spurred on by constant irritation.

Watch the video for the album’s lead single ‘Stay Awake’ below:

With lots of time on their hands, the band have been busy booking shows across UK & Europe and this includes a long awaited hometown show that was due to take place late March 2020. Their FC2 show on Saturday 26th February is sold out.

The band’s latest full-length album, Burn It To The Ground, will be available on February 18 through SBÄM Records.

Stream “Stay Awake” here.

Follow Roughneck Riot on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Click here to see what we thought of their last album, Out Of Anger.

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